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Powermatic P314CR Power Protection 3-Phase for Equipment & Machinery

Powermatic P314CR Power Protection 3-Phase for Equipment & Machinery

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3-Phase Equipment & Machinery Protection
Like: Air-Condition System, Industrial Refrigerator, Industrial Machineries, CT Scan, UPS

Powermatic P314CR - Microprocessor based unit to monitor Power before reaching your 3 phase equipment. Powermatic P314CR provides protection from common disturbances available in 3-Phase installations such as over/under voltage, Phase failure, Phase sequence reversal, Momentary interruption, Power back surge, Any 2 phase shorting together and even from frequency disturbances in standby Generator set, or spark due to loose connection. The innovative software embedded in Powermatic P314CR makes it capable of detecting ‘Electrical Sparks’ resulting from Loose Connections in Power line and even detects unstable supply from standby generator. These unique features and the compactness give Powermatic P314CR uniqueness among other available 3-Phase power protection devices in the market. When disturbance is detected Powermatic P314CR automatically disconnects supply, keeps monitoring and reconnects automatically your equipment when the supply is within acceptable level and after the pre-adjusted time delay. Powermatic P314CR built according to recommended practice for monitoring electric power Quality (IEEE1159), has 6 Diagnostic lamps (LED) to indicate power and phase status, and has user adjustable start-up delay timer from ½ to 12 minutes.

Powermatic P314CR is fully automatic and easy to install.

• Compact, microprocessor based 
• Detect 9 Types of disturbances
• Start-up Delay Time 30 seconds
• Safeguard from unstable operation of standby Generator
• Senses Arc resulting from loose connection to minimize the risk of fire

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