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Samsung WF8800LSW Heba Washer with New Diamond Drum

Samsung WF8800LSW Heba Washer with New Diamond Drum

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Keep clothes looking new with Diamond Drum
You shouldn’t have to damage your favourite fabrics in order to get them perfectly clean‎.‎ That’s why the Samsung WF8800 features unique Diamond Drum TM technology‎,‎ which replaces the typical washing drum with one covered in deep‎,‎ diamond‎‐shaped depressions‎.‎ This revolutionary texture keeps your fabrics safe from snags‎,‎ while creating the perfect environment for gentle but effective washing‎.‎ 

Keep your clothes in top condition by trusting them to the Samsung WF8800’s exclusive Diamond Drum‎.‎

Do your dry cleaning at home
Forget the long lines at the dry cleaner‎.‎ With the Samsung WF8800’s Air Wash cycle‎,‎ it’s finally possible to safely freshen your dry‎‐clean‎‐only clothing right in your own laundry room‎!‎ Air Wash makes quick work of clothing and difficult‎‐to‎‐wash items such as pillows and comforters‎,‎ without any added detergent or harsh dry‎‐cleaning chemicals‎.‎ It’s even gentle enough to trust with delicate stuffed animals‎,‎ which will keep the whole family happy – and spotlessly clean‎.‎

Ultra‎‐clean clothes‎,‎ even in cold water
Who says that you have to wash clothes in bleach and hot water to get them truly clean and sanitized‎?‎ The Samsung WF8800’s exclusive Silver Wash feature uses the natural power of ionic silver to not only clean clothes‎,‎ but to reduce bacteria and even protect against bacteria growth for up to a month after washing‎.‎ This revolutionary cold‎‐water wash not only saves energy by reducing your hot water needs‎,‎ it gives fabrics a hypoallergenic deep clean without using bleach or other chemicals that could damage your fabrics or irritate your skin‎.‎ Put the power of silver to work for you and your family‎.‎

Anti‎‐limescale heater stays efficient for longer
Clothing styles may come and go‎,‎ but the Samsung’s durable ceramic heater means that your washer will be around to clean clothes for years to come‎.‎ Ceramic heaters prevent calcium compound build‎‐up‎.‎ Calcium build‎‐up absorbs more electricity and requires special detergents to dissolve the calcium compounds‎.‎ The quick‎‐heating ability of ceramic heaters increases energy efficiency‎,‎ translating into cost savings on your next electricity bill‎.‎

Damage control for floors
Protect your floors from costly water damage with Samsung’s Aqua Control technology‎.‎ An aqua stop hose features an internal sponge which expands to block water once it’s detected by the digital leakage sensor‎.‎ For extra protection‎,‎ the water supply and the washing machine are automatically turned off‎.‎ So relax‎,‎ accidents happen—but not in your home‎.‎

Wide open space for worry‎‐free washing
Tired of trying to stuff all your clothes through your washing machine’s small door‎?‎ This Samsung washer was designed with a door that’s 20% larger than other washers‎.‎ That means loading and unloading bulky items like blankets and comforters is a cinch‎.‎ Open the door to an easier‎,‎ faster laundry experience‎.‎

Anti Detergent Residue
Samsung washing machines fully dissolve detergent to a completely liquified state‎.‎ Compared with other washing machines on the market‎,‎ Samsung machines leave less detergent residue after spinning‎,‎ thus helping reduce potential skin problems caused by detergent‎.‎

Secure Door System
Other washers can have problems with weak or drooping washer doors‎,‎ but Samsung’s washers have sensors that enhance and reinforce the door for a secure and tight fit‎.‎

leChild‎‐Proof Display Lock System
The display lock function keeps curious little hands from changing the settings on the control panel‎,‎ ensuring that children do not accidentally disrupt the wash cycle‎.‎ An indicator light appears on the display panel when the system is activated‎.‎

No more Mildew Smell
Your wash tub and laundry stay timelessly fresh‎!‎ Samsung’s Silver Nano Washers’ germ‎‐protection work not only on your laundry but also on your tub‎.‎ It prohibits the creation of bio‎‐film inside the drum‎,‎ giving you an everlasting clean drum‎,‎ no matter how long you leave your laundry in the washer‎.‎

Wool Mark
No More Shrinkage with Upgraded Wool Care‎!‎
Simply by selecting Wool course‎,‎ you can always keep your clothes’ natural look and feel‎.‎


  • Fuzzy Logic Control available
  • 120 minutes Standard Cycle Time
  • Express Wash Time available
  • Heba Better
  • Jog Dial available
  • Dot LED Display
  • C Spining Performance
  • 1‎,‎000rpm ‎(‎Max‎)‎ Spin Speed
  • Door Lock Display available

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