10 Super Tips to Maintain a Refrigerator

10 Super Tips to Maintain a Refrigerator

10 Super Tips to Maintain a Refrigerator – The refrigerator is quite likely one of the most hardworking appliances in homes today.

It basically runs all year long and safely stores vegetables, fruits, dairy products, juices, water, soda, leftovers, and other edibles.

Nobody wants their refrigerator to break down especially in the middle of the dry season (or any season for that matter).

That’s why keeping the refrigerator in tiptop condition should be made a priority.

Spending a couple of minutes once every few days and regularly maintaining it will help the refrigerator run more efficiently and save you from sudden faults and related services costs. Right here, we will teach the top 8 tips to maintain a refrigerator.

10 Super Tips To Maintain a Refrigerator

  1. Always remember to close the refrigerator door quickly
  2. Be sure to set the correct temperature for efficient cooling
  3. Properly arrange and cover items in the refrigerator
  4. Avoid blocking the vents inside the refrigerator
  5. Clean the refrigerator once every few days
  6. Examine the refrigerator’s door seal
  7. Empty ice accumulation
  8. Clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils
  9. Don’t place the refrigerator too close to the walls
  10. Adhere to refrigerator placement guidelines

1. Always remember to close the refrigerator door quickly

Although this tip sounds very rather cliché, however, it is still relevant. The moment you’re done storing or removing things from your refrigerator, close the refrigerator’s door quickly.

Doing this helps the refrigerator to maintain the temperature without working too hard. Keeping the door open for longer will make the fridge lose its ambient temperature.

Thus, it will be forced to work harder to cool things down again, which only means higher power consumption and electricity bills.

It might help to think about what you need from the refrigerator beforehand and then open the door so that you can get things done quickly and close it as soon as possible.

2. Be sure to set the correct temperature for efficient cooling

Many refrigerators offer a way to set the temperature, and it is important to set and maintain the right temperature if you want efficient cooling.

If your refrigerator comes with a freezer compartment, you can set the refrigerator’s temperature at 4°C, and the freezer’s temperature anywhere below 0°C (typically, -18°C or -19°C if you are storing meat).

However, if your refrigerator does not offer a proper number-based system to set the temperature, it probably has a scale-based system.

If this is the case, it is naturally a good idea to keep the scale to its mid or normal level. You should stick to the refrigerator’s manual for more details and recommended temperature settings.

3. Properly arrange and cover items in the refrigerator

Endeavor to cover the items inside the refrigerator and arrange them properly. Also, try to store the food and other items inside plastic containers with securely fitting tops.

This helps reduce the moisture inside the refrigerator and prevents odors from escaping and pervading the compartment thus creating a funny smell.

In addition, properly arranging items in the fridge will also help you store and remove them faster. This means that you won’t have to keep the door open for long.

4. Avoid blocking the vents inside the refrigerator

You should allow for enough clearance between the refrigerator’s vents and things that are stored in the fridge.

This helps cool air to flow through as it should. If anything blocks the vents, it develops an inefficient environment inside the fridge, thereby forcing it to work harder to keep things cool.

5. Clean the refrigerator once every few days

A big part of refrigerator maintenance also lies in keeping it neat and tidy. No one likes looking for stuff in a messy and smelly refrigerator.

Try to clean the outside and the inside of the refrigerator using a soft, damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent such as vinegar (or any others).

Also, remember to clean the door’s gasket so that it remains in good condition. Regularly cleaning the refrigerator saves you (and everyone else) from unsightly, disgusting views and funny-smelling odors.

6. Examine the refrigerator’s door seal

At times, the fridge’s door gasket can get deteriorated (cracked, hardened, or warped) and leak cold air even after you close the door.

Ultimately, this will lead to higher energy consumption. This type of wear and tear can occur over the course of a few years or as a result of bad maintenance.

For this reason, you should try to examine the condition of the door’s gasket periodically. One simple way to check if the gasket is sealing the door properly is to keep a coin between the door and the compartment.

Then try to close the door in such a way that half of the coin is inside and half of it is visible.

Now, if the coin slips out easily, then it means the gasket isn’t sealing properly. At this point, you should call an experienced professional to get it fixed.

7. Empty ice accumulation

If you own a single-door refrigerator, ice can accumulate in the freezer compartment occasionally. So, you should try to defrost it regularly. Failure to do this can also lead to a wastage of energy.

8. Clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils

Here is unarguably the most challenging part of refrigerator maintenance. A refrigerator’s condenser, which emits heat during the refrigeration process, is usually positioned at the bottom rear part of the appliance.

Following continuous usage over time, dirt, hair, and other debris can cover up those coils.  When that happens, the heat won’t be released as efficiently as it should, thus, the cooling is limited.

A condenser packed with debris makes the refrigerator work twice as hard and it also causes an increase in the electricity bill.

Before cleaning a refrigerator’s condenser, be sure to refer to its manual first.

Generally, the condenser cleaning process involves turning off the fridge, removing the power cable from the power socket, rolling or shifting the refrigerator away from the wall (so that you can see things clearly), and unscrewing a few screws from the rear.

Next, use a specialized condenser cleaner tool or a vacuum cleaner to expunge dirt and hair stuck on condenser pipes.

9. Don’t place the refrigerator too close to the walls

Avoid placing the refrigerator too close to the walls. No matter where you’ve positioned your refrigerator, ensure that there is a minimum of an inch of distance between the fridge and the wall.

This gap allows the refrigerator to dispense heat generated during the refrigeration process properly and keeps the appliance running efficiently.

10. Adhere to refrigerator placement guidelines

A refrigerator needs to be level on all sides so that the doors can close and seal properly. If it isn’t level, liquids and other fluid items stored in open cups or glasses within the fridge may spill over when you open the door and mess up your nice outfit.

Make use of a level tool to see if the fridge is level on all sides. You can do this by placing it on one of the shelves inside and then adjust it accordingly.

The Best Quality Refrigerator to Buy

Before you can start maintaining your refrigerator, you’ll need to own one first if you don’t already do.

Now, there are plenty of refrigerator brands out there and it can be difficult to choose the one that’ll meet your needs.

However, we have narrowed down that search for the best quality refrigerator to this list below.

The cooling appliances below have been built to perfection by top brands. In addition, you can purchase them from Samsung stores, Royal stores, or any of the best electronic stores near you.

Samsung TMF Refrigerator 397L (RT38)

Royal 90-Litre Refrigerator – Direct Cool (RBC-100)

Samsung One Door Twin Refrigerator 212L (RR21J2146S8)

Royal 275-Litre Refrigerator – Double Door (RBBD-275)

Samsung SBS Refrigerator 660Litres (RS64R5111M9)

Royal 275-Litre Refrigerator – Double Door (RBBD-450)


The key to your refrigerator delivering better, more efficient performance lies in its maintenance.

Take advantage of the tips in this article so you can keep your cooling appliance functioning at its optimal best.

If you’re looking for the best quality refrigerator to buy, then check out some of the ones provided in this post.

The refrigerators can also be purchased at all Royal stores, Samsung stores, or the best electronics stores in your region.

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