16 Essential Smart TV Tips & Tricks

Discover 16 exciting smart tv tips and tricks in this article and try them out to enhance your home entertainment.

The Smart TV universe has ushered in a new era of television consumption, reshaping the very way we engage with our screens.

By now, most of us have grasped the fundamental workings of these tech marvels and reveled in marathon viewing sessions of our beloved shows.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a myriad of extraordinary features, a veritable cornucopia that often escapes our notice.

If you’re eager to unearth these concealed wonders, read on as we delve into a trove of hacks, tricks, and enigmatic surprises that your trusty smart television harbours.

1. Gaming Galore: Transmute Your Chromecast into a Gaming Console with this Nifty Hack

The prowess of Google Chromecast extends far beyond the confines of streaming video content. While it may not be your ticket to the latest triple-A gaming extravaganzas, it does open doors to a collection of entertaining mobile games on your television canvas.

Take the plunge by downloading your chosen game onto your mobile device, then sync seamlessly with the expansive TV screen, effectively metamorphosing your smartphone into a gaming controller.

With this smart TV tip, who needs the latest consoles when innovation lies at your fingertips?

2. Live Streams: Stay Abreast of the Latest Information

Another insightful smart TV tip involves the art of live streaming. Sure, you’ve likely deciphered how to harness your TV for indulging in all the binge-worthy wonders of various streaming services. Yet, did you realize that you could immerse yourself in live feeds too?

Stay ahead of the curve by venturing into the world of live streams on YouTube, where the latest tidings unfold before your eyes. Additionally, traverse the terrain of live Meta (Facebook) videos, all directly accessible from the comfort of your smart TV.

3. Total Control: Give Your Trusty Remote a Rest

In the last three decades of television, the loss of a remote control was considered a family tragedy. The landscape has evolved, however, and even though Smart TVs come equipped with tactile remotes, they no longer reign supreme.

A plethora of Smart TV apps now empower you to wield your smartphone or tablet as a remote control, ensuring that the reins of your screen’s destiny remain firmly in your grasp. Consider, for instance, the prospect of transforming your phone into a Smart TV remote.

4. Volume Matters: Transition Audio from Your Smart TV to Your Device with this Ingenious Smart TV App Tactic

Picture this: a late-night rendezvous with your favorite TV series, but the loud audio threatens to rouse your slumbering kin or roommates. Fear not, for an elegant solution exists. Simply channel the audio to your smartphone while the video streams on the TV screen.

Applications like TUNITY seamlessly integrate with an array of Smart TVs and plug-ins. They grace both iOS and Android devices, affording you the luxury of routing audio to your phone with but a tap. Thus, everyone can luxuriate in peaceful repose while you savour your cherished programs.

5. Enhanced Filters: Upgrade Your Netflix Experience

Elevate your Netflix escapades to a higher plane of customization through the prism of your Smart TV. If you harbour a precise vision of your viewing desires but find yourself lost amidst Netflix’s labyrinthine offerings, the Upflix app beckons to your aid.

Upflix transcends the ordinary by allowing you to sift through the plethora of choices using specific actors and directors as your guiding stars, venturing beyond the constraints of mere genres.

6. Revamp Your Smart TV Experience: Concealing Apps and More

Is the tableau of your Smart TV’s home screen beginning to resemble a bustling marketplace? Fear not, for you wield the power to cloak those cluttered apps.

Journey into the settings, selecting only the chosen few for the grand display. Additionally, a symphony of icons awaits your command.

Take advantage of the smart tv tips here by grasping any app icon, holding the central button until a mesmerizing dance of icons ensues. Then, with a deft touch, relocate the icon to its desired location. An artful solution at your fingertips.

7. Beyond Mere “Plug and Play”: A Sojourn into Settings

Believe it or not, despite your smart TV’s inherent high-definition prowess, it may not unveil its HD splendour the moment it emerges from its packaging.

Dedicate a mere moment to delve into the realm of display settings, ensuring that your screen harmonizes seamlessly with your TV’s dimensions.

A small gesture, perhaps, but one that can yield a world of difference in terms of video content enjoyment.

8. Harnessing Controllers for Command: Xbox and PS4 Integration

Here lies yet another ingenious foray into the world of smart TV prowess. Some smart TVs embrace the utility of Xbox and PS4 controllers, although this feature isn’t universal, it finds a frequent ally in the realm of Android TVs.

Embark on an expedition through your TV’s settings to unearth this potential. Select “Add Accessory,” and watch as the TV scans diligently for compatible Bluetooth companions, ultimately enabling you to enlist your controllers for a myriad of functions.

9. Google Home: Your Guide to Streaming Serendipity

In the labyrinth of streaming services, locating your favourite show can often resemble a quest of mythical proportions.

But despair not, for Google Chromecast emerges as your guiding light. A mere utterance of your desired show’s name within the Google Home app unveils a tapestry of streaming platforms that cradle your coveted content.

The final choice rests in your hands as you peruse the offerings of these streaming sanctuaries, poised to embark on a journey into the realm of quality programming.

10. Venture into the World of Business: Stream Presentations from Your Mobile Device

The world of smart TVs extends far beyond mere entertainment; it can serve as a valuable tool in the corporate world.

Smart TVs offer the capability to wirelessly stream presentations from your smartphone or tablet to a larger screen, enhancing your professional prowess.

Simply synchronize your intelligent device with the TV and showcase your adeptness with PowerPoint at your upcoming meeting.

11. A Personal Screensaver Journey: Transform Your TV into an Ever-Evolving Slideshow

While it is well-known that you can create a screensaver slideshow on your smart TV to display your cherished snapshots when idle, there’s a hidden gem you may not be aware of.

Did you realize that your screensaver can showcase your latest Instagram and Flickr photos as well?

Connect your Instagram and Flickr accounts, and sync Flickr with your screensaver settings. Your TV will then treat you to an up-to-the-minute slideshow of your adventures.

12. Sharing is Caring: Simplify Guest Streaming on Your Smart TV

Here’s another nifty smart TV hack that allows your guests to take the reins. If you’re the proud owner of a Google Chromecast, you can grant your guests the freedom to select their preferred content without divulging your WiFi password.

Simply enable Guest Mode on your Chromecast, and it will permit anyone in proximity to open and display Cast-enabled apps.

So, if you’re hesitant about granting unrestricted access to your network, rest easy; you have an elegant solution.

13. Crystal-Clear Control: Embrace Voice Commands Over Traditional Remotes

Take advantage of the voice command feature in your smart TV and let the era of traditional remote controls becomes a relic of the past.

With smart features like Alexa voice command on select smart TVs, utilize their voice control capabilities, to explore and determine if this auditory avenue aligns with your entertainment system.

14. Expanding App Horizons: Sideloading for Access to Previously Unavailable Apps

This smart TV app hack opens the door to a world of possibilities. Both Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast allow users to sideload apps, meaning you can manually install them through the smart plug-in.

The primary benefit lies in expanded access; often, you can tap into apps that remain elusive on mobile devices.

Many region-blocked apps become accessible through sideloading, making it worthwhile to explore the new options available for download through your smart TV. Thus, it is one of the most ingenious smart tv tips to consider.

15. Diverse App Options: Beyond Google Play and Amazon

If you’re operating an Android TV system or wielding an Amazon Fire TV stick, you might assume your app choices are limited to Google Play and Amazon. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

To broaden your app horizons, consider installing Aptoide TV. Aptoide hosts a wide array of apps that larger, mainstream providers overlook. It’s worth perusing their selection to discover hidden gems. You never know what you may find with these smart tv tips.

16. Work Comfortably from Your Couch: Microsoft Office on Your Smart TV

Did you know that you can create, edit, and share Microsoft documents from your smart TV? Numerous Microsoft Office apps are available for free download in the Google Play store, enabling you to work seamlessly from the cozy confines of your sofa.

Simply search and download these apps from your smartphone, and you can accomplish your tasks on the TV screen. This is indeed a remarkable smart TV tip.

Final Words

Whether you’re rocking a budget-friendly smart TV or kicking back with the Royal Spectra 98” QLED TV, there are always some cool tricks and smart tv tips waiting to blow your mind. So, if any of these tips tickle your fancy, why not give them try a right away?

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