5 Common TV Problems and Their Solutions

5 Common TV Problems and Their Solutions: In any living room, the electronic appliance that captivates attention the most is the TV. A turned-on television has a unique way of making the atmosphere come alive in any home. With its brilliant illumination and colors, the TV is an unmissable electronic appliance in apartments. However, like every other object derived from technology, the television is not immune to common TV problems.

Fortunately, some of these issues can be resolved without the need for a technician. Here are five common TV problems and their solutions below.

1. TV is on but no picture appears

There are different possible reasons why your TV is on but not displaying any picture. One of the most common tv problems is that your TV is switched to the wrong input.

Typically, you can change the input by pressing a button (labeled “input” or “source” or “TV”) on the TV’s remote controller.

Continue pushing the button to cycle through the various inputs until the TV picture shows up. If your TV is on the right input and still doesn’t display any picture, try to check your cable or satellite receiver and make sure it’s turned on. Additionally, be sure all connections are secure.

If you’ve done that and the problem persists, try to reset your cable box. You can do this by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, consider switching to another device. If a picture shows up from another device, then there’s a possibility that your signal or the box itself is the problem.

You may have to contact your cable service provider to resolve the issue.

2. TV sound is echoing

If your TV sound is echoing, it is likely that you have a separate sound system such as a surround sound system or soundbar and the volume is playing both through your TV speakers and the external sound system.

Now, if you have a separate sound system connected to your TV, you shouldn’t also let the TV sound play through the television’s speakers as it could result in an echo.

In addition, you spent money to acquire that sound system because it obviously sounds way better than your TV speakers.

Thus, your next move is to mute, disable, or turn the volume of your TV speakers all the way down. This way the sound system gets to deliver quality audio without the TV sound echoing or interfering.

3. Video not in sync with audio

It can be particularly very annoying watching TV and seeing a character’s mouth moving but their dialogue or audio isn’t in sync.

Typically, you see the person on the TV say “hi,” but then you hear “hi” after the person’s lips have stopped moving.

It suddenly feels like watching a foreign movie with a voice-over. This problem can be resolved by checking the TV or cable box’s audio settings and adjusting the “audio delay.” This should get the video back in sync with the audio.

4. TV picture is breaking up or pixelated

If you discover that your TV picture keeps breaking up, pixelating, or cutting in and out much like a bunch of squares, then you’re likely dealing with a weak signal problem.

Be sure to check all the connections from the wall up to your cable box and from the cable box to your TV. Check to ensure that all of the connections are in place.

However, if the issue persists, it is advisable to seek help from your cable or satellite provider.

5. TV screen showing lines or is cracked

If your flat screen LED, OLED, or QLED TV is displaying lines, try to bring up the TV’s menu. If the lines run through the TV’s menu appearing on the screen or if it happens that the screen is cracked, then you should plan on getting the panel replaced.

Fortunately, some TV manufacturers offer an extended warranty on panels, especially if there are lines in them. This can be replaced at no cost if your TV’s warranty covers it.

However, if the screen is cracked physically, this would likely not be covered by a warranty and unfortunately, it would mean you have to prepare a budget for a new TV.

Top Recommended TVs for Homes

If your TV problem can’t be solved after following the tips in this article and your technician can’t seem to find a solution for it, then it may be time to get a new one.

Luckily, you won’t have to scour the length and breadth of markets to find what TV model you’re looking for as we have a fine selection of high-grade TVs here for you to choose from.

You can get these TVs at Samsung stores, Panasonic stores, Royal stores, or any of the best electronics stores in your area.

Samsung 40″ Full HD TV (UA40N5000)

If you want a decent TV with just the right color and size for your apartment, then consider buying the Samsung 40″ Full HD TV (UA40N5000). This television has a clean view with a wide color enhancer.

It comes with several inputs along with two HDMI inputs and can be bought at Samsung stores or the best electronics stores within your area.

Panasonic 40″ TV (40F336M)

The Panasonic 40″ TV (40F336M) is a powerful TV that can serve as an exciting entertainment tool for many households. With its crisp, full HD picture quality, you get to watch every detail come alive without missing a thing.

The TV comes with a USB port and two HDMI inputs. If you want this TV, you can acquire it at any Panasonic stores or check the best electronics stores around you.

Royal 55″ Smart TV (55DK5)

The Royal 55″ Smart TV (55DK5) has a sleek titanium finish. The stylish appearance of this TV is not the only thing to marvel about though. It is a smart TV that comes loaded with excellent features.

Watch all your favorite shows in ultra-high-definition as this TV from Royal is fully equipped with the latest technology to keep you entertained. To buy this TV, check out any Royal stores or visit the best electronics stores in your vicinity.

Samsung 43″ FHD Smart TV (43N5300)

Here’s another high-quality Samsung TV you’ll like. The Samsung 43″ FHD Smart TV (43N5300) will be a fantastic addition to your home electronics.

This TV comes with a built-in WIFI that allows you to connect to the internet and stream the most exciting content in real-time.

It also features a variety of inputs and can be purchased at all Samsung stores or the best electronics stores close to you.


TVs aren’t built to be indestructible and as such, they can experience one fault or the other. The great thing is that some of these TV problems are common and can even be resolved by you.

However, if you just can’t get your TV fixed and it isn’t covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, then it may be time to get a new telly.

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