5 Frosty Facts About The Freezer

Humming so eloquently while impressively lowering the temperature in its compartments, the freezer is truly a remarkable contraption. It has totally revolutionized the way we prepare our foods and live our lives generally.

Without the freezer, you’d have to restock your food supplies with purely fresh foods straight from the local market or grocers. You would have to make do with cooking only what you can consume at a time.

However, since people now have access to a freezer, they can prepare as many dishes as possible. Have them stored and preserved in perfectly great condition to be eaten at a later date.

Aside from preserving meals, the freezer can also make certain foods last longer including eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. This article will discuss five frosty facts about freezers you probably never thought of before.

1. Saves money

This is one of the most obvious facts about a freezer. As we all know, money isn’t easy to come by and as such, we are constantly looking for different ways that we can save bucks.

One smart way to do this is by limiting the money we spend on buying food. This can be done by making use of the frozen “assets” you’ve stored in your freezer. 72% of people have stocked up their freezers with food.

This can come in handy whenever you’re low on cash or just trying to save a few quids. Simply rummage through your stock of food items in the freezer and cook up some make-shift meals.

2. Capacity is usually “lesser” than what was marketed

Sometimes we take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications for the freezer we just purchased. Of course, we expect the specs to be perfectly accurate. Unfortunately, it is not always as it should be.

When it comes to freezer capacity, although the values do not lie they can be quite unrealistic.

The thing is many manufacturers remove items like racks, shelves, and drawers from the freezer before measuring their capacity which ends up being accurate enough.

But since you’ll still make use of the storage compartments to store food, then you probably shouldn’t rely on the manufacturer’s capacity. Thus, the true capacity of a freezer can be as much as 25% less than what was marketed.

3. Defrosting prolongs a freezer’s lifespan

Not many people are aware of this but periodically defrosting your freezer can help prolong its lifespan. Of course, people with an inconsistent power supply may not need to do the defrosting routine.

However, if you’re one of the over 80% of people who are not defrosting or have never defrosted, then we advise you to make it (at least) an annual routine or twice a year. Aside from extending the lifespan of your freezer, it also improves its energy-efficiency.

4. The First Refrigerators were Enormous

Before freezers, we had refrigerators and in the latter part of the 19th century, a refrigerator could weigh as much as five tons. That’s about the same weight as five 1979 Volkswagen Beetles stacked atop each other.

Obviously, it would be impossible to install them at home since they were just too big. Phew! Thank goodness for the advancement of technology today.

5. Freezers make things cool but dislike cold

A lot of us probably have a misconception that because of the nature of freezers they appreciate being stored in air-conditioned rooms or in the cold, outside the apartment such as a garage.

The reverse is the case though as not all freezers are built to operate in cold temperatures. In fact, some freezers won’t work when exposed to temperatures of -16°C or lower.

However, some manufacturers do guarantee that their freezers will not cease to function when faced with such extreme temperatures.

The Best Freezer for your Home

Freezers are great because they provide extra storage space for frozen food items. Many people find it wise to purchase food items in bulk because it means they’ll have excess produce to enjoy all year round.

It also allows one to stock up on prepared meals. If you plan to stock up on food in a similar fashion then you should prepare to shop for a new freezer. You can visit the best electronic stores and look through what they have to offer in terms of refrigeration.

However, here are our recommendations for the best freezer for your home.

Royal 105L Chest Freezer (RCF-H105)

The Royal 105-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-H105) provides a generous amount of storage just perfect for small homes. Available at the best electronic shops as well as all Royal stores, the chest freezer features a safety lock and an interior incandescent light.

It has a sliding storage bin that can comfortably hold small food items so that they won’t get lost down the bottom of the freezer. Whenever you’re going out to purchase a freezer for your home, remember to check out the Royal 105L Chest Freezer (RCF-H105).

Samsung One Door Twin REF 212L Refrigerator (RR21J2146S8)

You can check out this classic refrigerator at any Samsung store near you. The Samsung One Door Twin 212-Litre Refrigerator (RR21J2146S8) provides ample space to store food items.

The iconic freezer from Samsung has a dynamic design. It features a swing-type door with an ice tray maker in the unit. It also comes with powerful voltage protection to keep the appliance safe and operational in the event of electrical surges.

Get this impressive refrigerator at a Samsung store or any of the best electronic stores within your vicinity.

Royal 205L Chest Freezer (RCF-H205)

Royal 205-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-H205) is the frosty box of choice if you’re looking for additional freezer space.

It is one of the more popular freezers among modest folks. Just enter any of the best electronics stores near you and it would be there amongst the best sellers. We recommend this freezer because of its fast freezing capabilities.

If you want to quickly get your items frozen, then go for this option. Featuring a high-quality and efficient compressor, the Royal 205-Litre Chest Freezer (RCF-H205) can be bought at any Royal stores near you.

Samsung TMF Refrigerator 397L (RT38)

The Samsung TMF Refrigerator 397L (RT38) has a top-mounted freezer great for storing a modest amount of food items. Samsung is a household name when it comes to delivering reliable and serviceable appliances.

This refrigerator is no exception as it features a twin cooling plus function. In addition, the unit has been built using digital inverter technology to ensure it delivers optimal cooling and freezing for your items.

If you’re looking for where to purchase this refrigerator, just walk into any Samsung store near you or enter any of the best electronic shop close to you.


The freezer has become a crucial part of our daily lives.

In fact, most of the time before we leave our homes, we make plans to stock up items there and when we get back home, it is one of the first objects we interact with, especially if you need a cool drink, ice cream, or any other food item.

That’s why it is very important to go for the most efficient freezer that will help support your food-stocking goals. We’ve recommended some of the best freezers you can get for your home.

If you’re looking for where to buy electronics in Nigeria such as freezers, then check out Royal stores or Samsung stores. You can also visit any of the best electronic stores around your area.

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