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5 Top Appliances to Have in Your Kitchen: If you’ve ever spent time pondering on your dream kitchen, then most definitely, you would have envisioned exactly how you want it to look.

Quite likely, the entire design would have been mapped out in your mind, however, have you ever stopped to consider what appliances would fit seamlessly into that classy kitchen?

In this article, we have listed the major appliances that you should probably consider in your quest to make your dream kitchen a reality.

5 Top Appliances to Have in Your Kitchen

1. Gas cooker

Perhaps, the most important appliance you’d want to get for your kitchen is the gas cooker or gas stove. Generally, gas cookers help provide instant heat which lets you cook food evenly and quickly compared to electric cookers.

In addition, you can conveniently manage and control the temperature of the heat during the cooking process.

There’s also the extra perk of gas being actually cheaper and fuel-efficient as well.

In fact, most top chefs have admitted that the flames from a gas cooker work better with several varieties of cookware particularly if the bottom isn’t fully flat. Also, gas stoves are a lot easier to clean and maintain.

With the Royal 4-Burner Gas Cooker (RG-C40BS) your culinary tasks will go seamlessly. It has a full stainless body with an attractive glass cover.

Its oven door features a reflective mirror glass and there’s also a grill inside the oven.

2. Refrigerator

Cooking can be a hassle without a good refrigerator to help you store food items. There are several types of refrigerators in the market today and you’ll need to have an idea of the one that best fits your kitchen and your needs.

Typically, if you dream of having a large kitchen with plenty of space, then you’d be more comfortable with a double-door refrigerator.

However, if a modest-sized kitchen is more of your thing, then a single-door refrigerator ought to suffice. We also recommend getting an inverter refrigerator or one that is energy-efficient as they tend to deliver the best performance.

The Samsung Side-By-Side 680-Liter Refrigerator (RS62R5001M9) spots a fine gentle silver finish that will fit in any large modern kitchen.

The powerful refrigerator features all-around cooling with its digital inverter technology which ensures it functions more efficiently.

The Samsung refrigerator also comes with a wine rack, door alarm, and a power freeze function.

For a smaller kitchen, we recommend the Royal 50-Liter Refrigerator (RBC-52). This single-door refrigerator has energy-saving capabilities and it works tirelessly with less noise.

In its compartments, you’ll find an interior light, some adjustable shelves, an egg tray, and vegetable storage.

3. Microwave

There are days when you’d want to quickly heat up a meal without needing to make use of the intense heat a gas cooker would deliver.

This is where you’d appreciate the presence of a microwave in your kitchen. Unlike the gas cooker, the microwave provides a quicker and less messy way of rapidly heating meals.

For your kitchen, you may want to consider the size of the microwave and the quantity of food to be heated in the unit.

A large family would definitely be happy with a larger-sized oven. When it comes down to using microwaves, you’ll have to cultivate a safety habit.

For instance, there are certain items that must not be put in an oven. Examples are items made of metal such as certain utensils.

Adhere to the microwave safety tips and you’d be enjoying the rewards of this dutiful machine for a long time.

If you’re looking to buy this appliance then check out the Royal Microwave (RMW20BAP) that features a 20-Liter capacity which should be just ideal for a small family. This digital microwave comes with six power levels you can adjust to your preference and features speed cooking.

Another option you can go for is the Panasonic Microwave (NN-ST266). This is also a 20-liter capacity electronic microwave. The high-powered 800-watt kitchen appliance has nine auto menus and is very easy to operate.  

4. Electric Blender/Mixer Grinder

Cooking is hardly ever complete without needing to slice, dice, or blend certain food items. With an electric blender or a mixer grinder in your kitchen, things can get more interesting.

There are several types of electric blenders and you’ll need to consider what things you’ll be blending into a puree for most of the time before deciding to purchase one.

Additionally, most mixer grinders come with extra jars which you can use to blend or grind different types of foods such as grains or vegetables.

A good example of this appliance is the Panasonic Mixer Grinder (MX-AC210SWNA). The mixer grinder features a stainless blender jar and a stainless chutney jar. Also, it comes complete with a safety lock system and a spatula which will come in handy deep in the grinding process.

If the Panasonic mixer grinder above doesn’t trip you, then maybe the Royal Blender (RBL9002WB) will. The 500-watt electric blender comes with a 1.5-liter jug that has a lock.

Additionally, it features a full copper motor that powers the blades. The mixing and grinding appliance has a full-speed control with pulse and it comes with a measuring cup as part of its essential accessories.

5. Sandwich Maker/Toaster

On those days when you have to grab a quick meal or munch on a midnight snack, you’ll want a handy sidekick like a sandwich maker or a toaster on your side.

These appliances are small and easy to use for making sandwiches or bread toasts. And because of their size, they can fit in any kitchen whether big or small as they hardly take up space.

With the Panasonic Sandwich Maker (NF-GW1WTZ), what you’ll get is a tough and durable appliance with a non-stick heating plate.

The sandwich maker is large enough for making four sandwiches which should be good enough for a relatively moderate-sized family. Also, you need not worry about electric shocks as the entire body of the appliance has been coated and well-covered to keep you safe.

If you prefer to opt for a toaster, then we recommend the Royal Toaster (RT01101DBC). This 2-slice toaster lets you toast up to four bread slices (in pairs of two).

It also features an adjustable browning control, up to six settings, a removable crumb tray, as well as space for cord storage.


These are the top five appliances that should not be missing in your kitchen. We believe these appliances should complement your kitchen perfectly.

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