6 Essential Features to Look for in an Electric Blender

The electric blender can be found in so many kitchens today that most people often forget that different features make each model unique.

How often you will use an electric blender can determine what features you’ll want in one. For instance, if you plan on making smoothies every day, you’ll probably want to create a permanent space for the electric blender on top of the counter.

Thus, the appliance’s size, height, and appearance will need to be factored in along with other features we will discuss here.

Essential Features to Look for in an Electric Blender

1. Jar or container size and material

Depending on the model, the container of blenders can be made from glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

Glass containers are not as durable as plastic or stainless steel jars. However, the major advantage of glass jars is that they won’t discolor or absorb odors from vegetables or herbs like their plastic neighbors.

Plastic jars are more durable than the glass variety. Also, blenders with plastic jars are the cheapest. They are also chip-proof and lightweight making them more convenient to move around.

Stainless steel containers or jars are the most expensive and equally the most durable. In addition, they keep frozen mixtures cold for longer. On the flip side though, you won’t be able to see your mixture until you remove the lid.

In terms of size, blender jars can range in capacity from 8 ounces for mini blenders or the personal variety to 80 ounces for professional high-performance blenders.

You’ll have to find out what size you deem appropriate for your needs while also considering other variables.

2. Drive socket and blades

An electric blender drive socket is one of the most important features and can be made of plastic or steel. However, we recommend you choose a blender that has stainless steel drive socket, blades, and blade drive shaft.

The reason is that plastic drive sockets tend to wear out faster than steel. Additionally, the drive socket has to be easy and affordable if certain situations demand it be replaced.

For instance, it can get stripped if an object blocks the blades from spinning. This can be helpful as it protects the motor from overworking.

3. Motor

The power of the electric blender lies in the efficiency of its motor. A powerful motor is required if you want your blender to meld hard, fibrous vegetables.

The kitchen blenders in modest households have motors ranging between 300 to 600 watts of power. High-performance blenders, on the other hand, can consume as much as 1,300 watts.

We recommend choosing the most powerful motor your pocket can afford when buying a blender. Basically, the higher the wattage, the more versatile your appliance will be.

Thus, a blender with lower wattage will find it difficult to crush thick, frozen cocktails and other fibrous vegetables.

4. Pulsing button

If you want your blender to make iced drinks, then a pulsing button is necessary. When loaded into the blender jar, the ice falls into the blades. However, it is ground up when the blades start turning.

If your blender doesn’t come with a pulsing button, you’d be forced to stop and mix up the ice before restarting the motor once more.

5. Variable speeds

Now, here’s another essential feature you should look at in an electric blender. It absolutely helps the appliance’s motor if you can start the blender at a slow speed, then gradually increase it to high levels.

In addition, being able to reduce the blender speed from high to low also makes it possible for you to throw in ingredients you do not want to be pureed or liquidized into the rest of the mixture at the end of the blending session.

6. Ice crusher

Similar to the pulsing button, the ice crusher is another essential feature of any top blender. The ice crusher basically stops and restarts the blades automatically.

This allows ice in the container to easily get chopped and crushed while integrating evenly into an attractive blended mixture.

Best Blender for Kitchens

With several varieties of blenders in the kitchen appliances market today, one may get lost trying to find the perfect blender that suits their needs.

While we can’t exactly compel you to choose the best blender for your kitchen, we can point you in the right direction where you’re most likely to find what you’re looking for in a blender.

Below are some high-grade blenders you can check out if you’re in search of the best kitchen blender.

You can get them at Panasonic stores or the best electronics stores near you.

Panasonic Blender (MX-GX1521WTZ)

When we talk of high-quality blenders, then think of the Panasonic Blender (MX-GX1521WTZ). This 400-watt blender is just ideal for personal use.

It features a 1000ml jar made of plastic along with 2 mill attachments. The blender also comes with a safety lock and is sure to answer your modest blending needs.

This blender is available at all Panasonic stores and you can also get it at the best electronics stores in your area.

Panasonic Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400WNA)

If you’re intent on getting the best blender for your kitchen, then the Panasonic Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400WNA) should be on your radar.

This blender is a powerful machine that can conveniently crush food items and fibrous vegetables easily.

It also features both a plastic and a stainless steel jar giving you the best of both worlds. It is perfect for a large family and can also be used in small restaurants and delis.

Panasonic Juicer Blender (MJ-M176PWTZ)

The Panasonic Juicer Blender (MJ-M176PWTZ) isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill machine. This high-grade appliance doubles as a juicer and blender squeezing out all the goodness from your fruits and delivering 100% natural, fresh juice.

While searching for the best blender, don’t forget to take a look at this particular machine. It features a stainless steel spinner and comes with a detachable container base.

You can purchase this item from Panasonic stores or get it at the best electronics stores in your vicinity.

Panasonic Immersion Blender (MX-GS1WTZ)

Unlike conventional blenders, immersion blenders come in a different style and unique mode of operation.

The Panasonic Immersion Blender (MX-GS1WTZ) has a 4-blade cutting system that ensures vegetables and legumes are adequately squashed into a puree.

The appliance’s 210-watt motor features a step-less control making the blending process smooth and seamless.

This is one of the best blender you can go for and it can be gotten at all Panasonic stores or the best electronics stores in your city.


You can find an electric blender in almost any kitchen today. There are several different models all of which come with varying functions and features.

Before buying an electric blender, be sure to understand what you want in one and go for those with the features that suit your needs the most.

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