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The concept of refrigerator organizing is now a trend. If you own a fridge and are thinking of what to store, then this article on the best tips for organizing your fridge has got you covered.

As basic as it may sound, there’s more to organizing a refrigerator than just stuffing it with food items. The fact is every food has an ideal spot in your fridge for storage of items and it’s not just to look great.

It can also help keep your food well preserved and protect your family from food poisoning while saving you money in the long run.

A well-managed and organized fridge with a cool and constant temperature will ensure your food is stored correctly and help lower the chances of sickness and food waste.

Tips on how to store food in a refrigerator

Getting your refrigerator organized is the first step to keeping food fresher and lasting for longer. You also get to reduce wastage as well as save money. It’s basically a win-win for you.

In this section, you will discover how to keep those everyday items conveniently stored in your fridge. Let’s start organizing then.

What to store in refrigerator door

Take a look at the fridge doors in many households and you’d find a pack (or tin) of milk sitting idly there. However, this isn’t the best location to store milk. In fact, you need to start ignoring TV ads shown storing milk in the fridge doors.

The reason is that the temperature in a fridge can get inconsistent over time. This inconsistency often fluctuates from place to place in the cooling unit. Similarly, just like ovens, fridges can have hot spots as well as cool ones.

Ultimately, this can influence your food’s quality and longevity. Typically, the door is the warmest part of the refrigerator and the most likely to experience a fluctuating temperature.

Here’s why – every time you open the refrigerator door, you’re actually dragging all the food items stored there into what is likely to be the hottest room in your home. Unsurprisingly, this can affect eggs as well.

This is because most refrigerators are configured with built-in egg racks on the door. Thus, temperature fluctuations that often affect milk are likely to also make eggs get rotten faster. That’s why it is best to store them on the middle shelf of the fridge.

If you’re thinking of what to store in refrigerator door, consider keeping foods that are natural preservatives there. This includes mayo, jams, ketchup, juice, condiments, pickles, relish, soda, as well as bottled water.

What to keep on the middle and lower shelf of the fridge

We already hinted that food items like milk should be kept stored in the middle part of the fridge. In addition, items like cheese, yogurt, and other dairies should also go here. These food items need to be surrounded by consistent circulated air and kept constantly cooled.

Eggs too should be kept on the middle shelf of the refrigerator as well. They need a constant temperature too as recommended by the NHS.

What to store on the bottom shelf of the fridge

Raw meat and fish should go on the bottom shelf. The reason is simple. The coldest region of the fridge is the bottom part. Thus, keeping these food items there will keep them from going off.

Furthermore, it helps separate these foods from getting in contact with other food items in the refrigerator which could lead to contamination.

That’s why it is best to ensure that your bottom shelf is made of a sheet of plastic and glass rather than the wire slatted material often used for the higher shelves.

When storing raw fish and meat, remember to always keep it well sealed and covered to avoid spilling blood and juices onto other foods.

What to keep in the refrigerator drawer

Food items like vegetables and fruits are advised to be stored in the fridge drawers. There, they get to avoid the bottom of the fridge so that softer leaves like lettuce won’t freeze but stay nice, cold, and last longer.

In addition, since fresh produce like fruits and vegetables are kept enclosed in the refrigerator drawer, they’ll also remain safe from contamination and unusual smells.

Best Refrigerators for Storing Food Items

Since you now have a good idea of how to organize your fridge in the best possible way, your foods will stay cooler and in much better temperature conditions. For those planning on acquiring a new fridge, here is a selection of some of the best refrigerators for storing food items.

Samsung TMF Refrigerator 397L (RT38)

The Samsung TMF Refrigerator 397L (RT38) comes with a classic top-mounted freezer. It has been built to cater to your food storage needs conveniently. The unit comes with a twin cooling plus feature that ensures all-round consistent cooling in the fridge.

In addition, the Samsung refrigerator is a good value for money as it also features the latest digital inverter technology for maximum efficiency.

Royal 90L Refrigerator (RBC-100)

Royal 90-Litre Refrigerator (RBC-100) is a unique single door refrigerator with a remarkable low-noise function. The fridge has an attractive interior light and features different compartments for food storage including an egg tray and vegetable storage.

This refrigerator from Royal Electronics is just perfect if you’re thinking of what to store in refrigerator door. Also, the aluminum-colored fridge comes with an adjustable thermostat and shelves.

Samsung SBS Refrigerator 650L (RS65R5691M9)

The Samsung SBS Refrigerator 650L (RS65R5691M9) is a premium fridge for the classy. Its side-by-side doors ensure there’s plenty of space for what to store in refrigerator door. Coated in a gentle silvery color, the refrigerator comes with a door alarm and wine rack.

Furthermore, it has an ice cube tray and also has a built-in water dispenser. Indeed, this perfect side-by-side refrigerator from Samsung is for those who have a luxurious taste. With its digital inverter technology components, it promises to deliver epic all-around cooling, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Royal 275L Double Door Refrigerator (RSBSHF2-56)

A bit similar to the Samsung SBS refrigerator above, the Royal 275L Double Door Refrigerator (RSBSHF2-56) has an exciting mirror finish. It is a low-noise fridge that comes with lock and adjustable shelves.

In addition, there’s a brilliant interior light when you open the refrigerator. Royal 275L Double Door Refrigerator (RSBSHF2-56) is one of the best fridges you should consider getting if you’re considering what to store in refrigerator door. It also features an egg tray and vegetable storage with an adjustable thermostat.


It has become increasingly important more than ever to properly organize your fridge. This is because a poorly organized refrigerator can lead to food losing freshness, getting rotten, and potential food poisoning.

It is equally crucial to know exactly what to store in refrigerator door and other sections of the fridge. This can help improve the quality of food storage and prolong their freshness.

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