Common Electric Blender Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Electric Blender Problems and How to Fix Them – One of the most prominent appliances present in almost every kitchen is the electric blender. Sure, you may be able to get along fine without a microwave or other kitchen appliances for a few days but definitely not without an electric blender.

It not only saves you time but has also been proven to be an invaluable appliance for bachelors to ease things out in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, like any other electronic appliance, the electric blender (often referred to as a mixer grinder), also wears out over time.

Before you take your mixer grinder or electric blender out for repairs the next time you notice some problems with it, try out these tips below:

Common Electric Blender Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Electric blender jar leaking

One common problem often faced with an electric blender is the jar leaking. This occurs more often if the appliance is too old, if the blender has a loose blade in the jar, or if the jar is cracked, or if the rubber gasket has worn out.

Typically, electric blenders usually work for a good 8 – 10 years or even more without developing any issues.

If you check the appliance and notice that it has a loose blade in the jar, you can easily tighten it with the aid of a screwdriver.

However, if tightening the blade assembly doesn’t do much in terms of solving the problem, then check the gunmetal component (this is the part attached to the blender unit).

There’s a possibility that the gunmetal is faulty. If you aren’t entirely sure, you can go ahead to call an expert or take it out for repairs to confirm and get the gunmetal replaced.

Gunmetals often have a lifespan of over three years and can easily wear out under excessive usage. If the mixer grinder’s jar is cracked, you have no other option than to replace it with a new one from the appliance’s brand.

2. Electric blender blade no longer sharp or is blunt

How can you tell if the electric blender’s blade has worn out? It is pretty simple, really. Once it no longer grinds the ingredients into a smooth puree, then it’s time to replace the blade.

However, before heading out to seek its replacement, you can try sharpening the blade using rock salt. You can do this by adding a spoon of rock salt to the blender jar and turning on the mixer grinder.

By repeating this process a couple of times, you should notice that the blade has achieved a bit more sharpness than before.

After trying this method, if the blades still aren’t sharp enough, then you will need to have them replaced. Some mixer grinders come with tools like a spanner which you can use to detach the blade from the appliance.

Just hold the coupler on the underside of the jar using one hand. Then use the spanner to take out the blade by turning it clockwise.

Now, put the replacement blade in place and tighten it by rotating it anti-clockwise until it is locked securely.

3. Electric blender keeps tripping

If you make use of your electric blender frequently, you may have experienced it tripping off at some point or the other.

The reason is that there is a reset button located usually under the appliance which trips when you continuously use the appliance for long periods or grind hot food items.

So, to avoid this issue avoid using the appliance for too long. Also, if you have to blend hot meals, allow them to cool down before grinding them.

In a situation where the electric blender or mixer grinder trips due to excessive heat, quickly unplug the appliance, detach the jar and take a look under the appliance.

You should see a red switch at the bottom of the unit. Press this switch to reset the appliance, then plug it back in the power source. Switch on the appliance and the problem should be resolved.

4. Electric blender coupler broken

The couplers of an electric blender connect the base of the blender to the jar. They tend to wear out or even break after many years of using them.

In addition, if you regularly blend frozen fruits or vegetables at high speeds, you’ll risk damaging or breaking the coupler, so try to avoid this!

The grim reality is that a coupler cannot be repaired, the only option you have is to have it replaced. This, itself, would have to be done by a professional.

Best Electric Blender to Buy

If your electric blender is already old and worn out, it may be wise to get a brand new one rather than burn your hard-earned cash trying to get it patched up.

The good thing with getting a new blender is that you’ll likely get one with newer, better features than your old blender.

Take a look at some powerful electric blenders we have below and pick from any one of them at Royal stores, Panasonic stores, or the best electronics shop near you.

Panasonic Immersion Blender (MX-GS1WTZ)

This four-blade cutter comes with a 210-watt motor with step-less control to help slice and blend edibles into a paste.

The Panasonic Immersion Blender (MX-GS1WTZ) is dishwasher safe, allowing for easy maintenance and it features a blending beaker as well as a wall rack.

You can buy this immersion blender from any Panasonic stores or visit the best electronics shop closest to you.

Royal Blender (RBL9002WB)

Royal Blender (RBL9002WB) features a dynamic full-speed control with a pulse. The 500-watt blender comes with a 1.5-liter jug with a lock.

Along with a full copper motor, the efficient mixer grinder also comes with a measuring cup. You can purchase this electric blender from all Royal stores or check for it at the best electronics shop in your region.

Panasonic Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400WNA)

With the Panasonic Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400WNA), blend fruits, vegetables, and other edibles into a fresh, smooth puree in the appliance’s jar.

The mixer grinder features a juice filter as well as a unique safety lock system. It also comes with a spatula and a whip plate.

Grab this mixer grinder at all Panasonic stores or the best electronics shop within your vicinity.

Royal Blender (RBL2005WB)

If you live alone, then this is the perfect blender for you. The Royal Blender (RBL2005WB) is a 400-watt blender with a grinder that features a 1.5-liter jug with a lock.

Get your food items blended smoothly with the appliance’s full copper motor and full seed control with a pulse.

You’ll find this electric blender at most Royal stores or check down the aisles of the best electronic shops in your area.


The electric blender is one appliance whose importance in many kitchens cannot be called into question. However, with time, this dutiful food masher can get worn out or broken.

You can follow the tips in this article to fix the most common electric blender problems you may face with your appliance.

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