Curved TV or Flat Screen TV – Which to Buy?

It’s time to finally get that new TV that you’ve been saving up for but you’re torn between which to go for between a curved TV and a flat-screen TV. Except for a few distinct features, flat TVs and curved TVs aren’t too different from each other.

However, it’d be great if you have a comprehensive idea of the differences between these TV as it will help influence your buying decision. Continue reading this article to discover what sets the curved TV apart from the flat TV.


Curved television

If you like to show off your electronics and gadgets then we recommend you buy a curved TV. These TVs have been designed to stand out as they draw all of the attention in the living room. That’s mainly because almost everyone is used to seeing a flat TV.

Furthermore, the casing of a curved TV is thicker because of its curvy design. If you’re planning on mounting your curved TV on the wall, keep in mind that the TV’s edges will be further away from the wall in comparison to the center of the TV.

Flat television

Thanks to its straight lines, the flat TV’s design lets it effortlessly blend into its surrounding devices and walls. Remember that your audio system, DVD player, console, etc., all have straight lines as well.

In addition, the flat TV’s design feels particularly nice and accurate when mounted on the wall and also won’t be out of place if you choose not to mount it on the wall.

Viewing Angle

Curved television

Frankly, the viewing experience you’ll get from a curved TV is not much different from what you’re probably already used to. In fact, you’ll only probably notice the curvature when watching from an angle. Some hardly even notice the curvature.

To complicate matters, the image quality seems to deteriorate quickly when viewing from the side of the screen closest to you. Also, a curved television stretched reflections – you may likely experience this with a glossy screen accompanied by dimmed or bright lights.

Flat television

The viewing angle of the flat TV is dependent on its panel type. Televisions that come with IPS panels often have better viewing angles than those with a VA panel.

For instance, OLED TVs do not lose any of their image quality regardless of what angle you view their screens from. Unless you have a glossy-layered screen, flat TVs, generally, do not suffer from reflection problems.

Assortments or Varieties

Curved television

Curved TVs don’t come in many varieties and as such, your options may be limited. Also, these TVs usually come with a premium price tag when compared to the flat screen variety.

The screens are usually larger than 40 inches. They are also equipped with more image-enhancing technologies which probably justifies their higher price tag.

Flat television

If you hope to buy a flat TV, you’ll be presented with several options to pick from as they come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be tempted to choose from various types of resolutions, from HD to Ultra HD.

Because there are so many flat TVs to choose from, you can easily find one that matches your budget, apartment, and demands (concerning image quality). However, you may have to purchase a pricey model to get one with the best image quality.

Lastly, just like curved TVs, they are also loaded with more image-enhancing technologies. 

Best TVs (Curved and Flat Screens) for Your Home

If you’re looking for the best TV to buy for your home, then take a peek at some of our top recommendations here. Also, these products are available at all SIMS stores in case you’re wondering where to buy electronics in Nigeria.

Samsung 40″ Full HD TV (UA40N5000)

The Samsung 40″ Full HD TV (UA40N5000) is an excellent choice if you’re looking to purchase a new TV. It delivers exceptional picture quality that will keep eyes glued on its screen for hours.

The flat TV has an attractive slim design that allows it to fit perfectly with any room. It comes with 2 HDMI inputs along with ConnectShare Movie that lets you stream movies via a USB input.

The TV is available at all Samsung stores or any of the best electronic stores near you.

Panasonic 40″ TV (40F336M)

The Panasonic 40″ TV (40F336M) is a dynamic flat-screen TV with a wide viewing angle. This full HDTV features the modern LED Bright technology to make pictures come out looking crisper.

Fit for most apartments, this Panasonic TV is conveniently slim with a narrow bezel. You can stream and enjoy your favorite media by plugging your USB directly into the television’s USB port.

This television is just perfect for a small family and you can get it at the Panasonic store closest to you as well as the best electronics stores.

Samsung 55″ Curved Smart TV (55RU7300)

If you’re planning to buy a curved TV, then try to check out the Samsung 55″ Curved Smart TV (55RU7300) at any Samsung store or the best electronics store near you.

The TV’s curvature is intentionally designed to reduce glare and deliver a clear picture no matter the angle you’re watching from. It features a 4K UDP processor for a smooth and seamless media playback.

You can connect the Smart TV to the internet via WIFI Direct. It also features 3 HDMI as well as 2 USB ports.

Royal 55″ Curved UHD TV (RCTV55DU4)

Available at all Royal stores or any of the best electronics stores around your vicinity, the Royal 55″ Curved UHD TV (RCTV55DU4) is another television you should take a look at if you want to stand out with a curved TV.

This Smart TV comes with an Android Operating System and can be connected to the internet via WIFI to stream those truly awesome HD content. It has a slim curved bezel and comes with HDMI and USB ports.

If you are searching for where to buy electronics in Nigeria and just can’t find any of the TVs discussed above at the best electronics stores near your location, then check out any Royal stores.


There isn’t that much difference between a curved TV and a flat TV. Definitely, you can distinguish both from their appearance. However, once you turn them on, you’ll realize how similar they actually are.

Curved TVs are more prone to glares and their viewing angles are not as impressive as flat TVs. In addition, they’re usually more pricey than flat TVs, however, they do offer an attractive appearance in terms of aesthetics.

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