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When it comes to buying a hair clipper, you need to factor in a number of considerations. Indeed, there are lots of hair clippers in the market at the moment, and choosing the best one can be a tad overwhelming.

However, before you throw your hard-earned cash at just any hair clipper brand, you should decide on why you want a hair clipper in the first instance.

Do you need it for professional use such as in a busy salon or barbershop or do you want it to cut your hair every few weeks or so?

Fortunately, the most expensive hair clippers may not necessarily be appropriate for you. These sorts of clippers are usually built for the demands of frequent, daily use.

Thus, you can get some excellent low-priced clippers that you can use to achieve professional-looking hair cuts.

Before buying a hair clipper, below are some of the things to consider:

1. Quality

Each clipper brand is different from another and the same logic applies to their quality. That’s why you’ll need to think about the clipper’s components, such as:

  • The clipper’s housing and what material it is made of.
  • Was it crafted from cheap plastic or made from valox (a toughened hard-wearing plastic resin).
  • Will the blades stay sharp and strong for a long time?
  • Also, are they self-sharpening blades or will you have to sharpen them yourself?
  • How powerful and efficient is the motor?
  • Does the appliance include certain accessories such as guide combs?

2. Corded or Cordless

Hair clippers can come as corded or cordless. A corded clipper needs to be plugged into an electric socket before it can be operational. The cordless clippers, on the other hand, are rechargeable and more flexible.

They can be used anywhere as they do not require to be plugged into a socket before they can function. Typically, corded clippers are perceived to be more reliable than the cordless variety.

This is because they can be used for longer periods since they don’t rely on battery power that is limited when it drains and dies.

However, the cordless clipper can help keep things neat and tidy particularly if you use it outdoors. Just be sure it is fully charged before you start using it.

3. The Motor

In terms of efficiency, what differentiates one hair clipper from another is the size and power of its motors. With a decent blade in your clipper, a durable, powerful motor will leave you with a smooth, clean cut devoid of any hassles like hair-grabbing or pulling.

In fact, most hair clippers are priced based on the quality of the blades along with the motor that drives them. You should pay attention to these elements when making your hair clipper purchase.

Cheaper motors tend to burn out faster and they also provide less power to the cutting blades. In addition, the blades will need to be tough and sharp so that they’ll last you for a few good years at least without dropping in performance.

Be sure to check what the blades are made from and also consider if the blades can easily be replaced. Blades can quickly get damaged if your clipper accidentally gets dropped. That’s why it is always handy to have a couple of spares in your locker.

4. Maintenance

A well-maintained hair clipper will last longer than a poorly maintained one. But you need to be certain that the clipper you want to buy has a pretty easy maintenance process.

One of the golden rules in hair clipper maintenance is to keep the appliance lubricated by applying the oil that came with the pack.

You can start off by dusting the blades before each use. However, try not to overlubricate the hair clipper. Wipe away any excess oil from the blades before getting the clipper in contact with your hair. After each use, dust hair residue off the clipper using a small brush then store it away.

5. Accessories

A great hair clipper needs to be accompanied by good accessories. It makes the entire haircut process so much easier. Some clippers come packaged and sold as a complete haircutting kit with basically everything you need to get started. Other clippers simply come with the regular clippers and guards.

Best Hair Clipper to Buy

Everyone needs to have their own hair clipper regardless of if you’re a barber or a financial analyst. You may not be able to use it to cut your own hair but you can take it with you to the barbershop and hand it over to the barber to use in delivering epic hairstyles for you.

There are lots of hair clippers with different brands and it can be hard to pick out the high-quality ones from the cheap knock-offs. Fortunately, we’ve taken out time to carefully select the best hair clipper for you below.

These clippers are highly efficient and can be bought at Philips stores or the best electronics stores in your location.

Philips Hair Clipper (Series 3000 Home Clipper)

When it comes to precise and comfortable haircuts, you can’t go wrong by choosing Philips Hair Clipper (Series 3000 Home Clipper). The professional-grade hair clipper from Philips is great for barbers and home users alike.

It comes with a linear motor and tough blades that efficiently cut through all kinds of hair smoothly and evenly. The hair clipper includes accessories like click-on combs, lubrication oil, as well as a cleaning brush.

You can buy this clipper at any Philips stores or just check out any of the best electronics stores near you.

Philips Professional Clipper 5100

The Philips Professional Clipper 5100 redefines the art of effortless, bump-free haircuts. The professional hair clipper comes with an adjustable comb that guarantees precise length control.

Accompanied by durable steel blades, the Philips hair clipper is a powerful device you can use in a haircut at any time and anywhere.

If you prefer to buy a cordless hair clipper then we recommend this product. You can purchase it from any Philips stores or at the best electronics stores within your vicinity.


Haircutting is a process that should be smooth, painless, and bump-free. You’ll need a decent hair clipper to achieve all of this.

However, there are certain criteria to look out for before buying a hair clipper. You’ll have to take some things into consideration if you want a clipper that does exactly what you want it to do.

This hair clipper buying guide covers most of these considerations and with some recommendations in case you’ve made up your mind to buy a hair cutting appliance.

As a side note, if you’re looking for where to buy electronics in Nigeria, consider checking out Philips stores or the best electronics stores close to you.

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