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How to Make The Best of Your Android TV

How to Make The Best of Your Android TV: Back then, we used to tap the remote button until we found something interesting to watch on television. Thanks to smart TVs, we can now watch any of our favorite content whenever we want.


Smart TVs and streaming plug-ins have improved the way we watch television. Most of us are now familiar with how these devices work and have binge-watched our favorite shows using them.


So, if you already own an Android TV or are considering purchasing one this year, here are a few Android TV tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this digital streaming service.


Here is how to Make The Best of Your Android TV:


  • Use Google Home to find the right streaming service 
  • Turn your Chromecast into a console
  • Switch audio from your smart TV to your device 
  • Better filters: Get the most out of Netflix
  • Always check your settings
  • Use Your Phone as a Remote
  • Use your Xbox One or PS4 controllers with your smart TV
  • Install applications by other means
  • Block offensive words
  • Take a screenshot
  • Voice Search
  • Shut down applications by force


Turn your Chromecast into a console


The streaming capabilities of Google Chromecast are not limited to streaming video content. Though you won’t be able to play the latest triple-A games, you can use your Chromecast for various fun mobile games on your TV.


Just download the game to your mobile device and sync it to the big screen, transforming your phone into a controller. Who needs the most recent consoles?


Switch audio from your smart TV to your device


If you’re up watching late-night TV and don’t want to wake up those in the house, you can play the audio from your phone while streaming video through the TV.

TUNITY app works with a variety of smart TVs and plug-ins. It’s available for iOS and Android devices and allows you to route audio to your phone with a single click. So everyone can sleep without noise while you watch your favorite shows.


Get the most out of Netflix


Another great smart TV trick is to use your smart TV to customize your Netflix viewing. If you know what you want to watch but don’t know how to narrow down all of the options on Netflix, you can use Upflix app for iOS and Android.


Instead of just genres, Upflix allows you to narrow down your viewing options by selecting specific actors and directors.


Always check your settings


Even if your smart TV is HD-ready, it may not be configured to stream HD when you take it out of the box.


Always take a moment to check your display settings and ensure that the display is configured to the correct TV size. It’s a small step that could make a big difference when watching videos on your new TV.


Use Your Phone as a Remote


If you don’t always remember the last place you kept your remote, you can transform your smartphone into a remote for any Android TV device.


Many high-end and the latest smartphones now come with remote control applications. However, if yours doesn’t have one, you can make do with an App.


There are several Remote Control apps and all you need to do is connect both devices to the same WiFi network.


When you launch the application, you will be taken to a screen that displays the name of the compatible Android TV device that is within range of your mobile device.


After you click on the device’s name, the app will prompt you to enter a code that will appear on the screen of the TV to which you have connected the device. After you enter it, your phone should sync and display a remote control interface.


Using your Xbox One or PS4 controllers with your smart TV


Here’s another useful smart TV hack. Some smart TVs support the use of Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers.


Though not a universal feature, it is found in many Android TVs. Check your TV’s spec to see if it can enable console controllers.


Go to your settings and select “Add Accessory,” The TV will search for supported Bluetooth accessories, allowing you to choose which controllers to use.


Install applications by other means


Like the regular mobile version, your Android TV version should enable you to install apps from external sources like a USB or even download your APK from the Internet.


To accomplish this, enable the option to install from unknown sources, found in the Security and Restrictions section. Look for the desired APK and download or save it to a USB.


Then, using a file browser like ES File Explorer, navigate to the unit and run the APK file containing the app you want to install. Keep in mind that if it is not an Android TV app, it may not function properly.


Block offensive words


You can enable protection to prevent the device’s user from searching for offensive words using the voice functions.


To do this, navigate to Device Settings and then Voice Preferences, where you can enable the option to block offensive words.


You can also enable the safe search filter to prevent the voice from searching for content that isn’t appropriate for everyone in the same configuration.


Take a screenshot


Yes, you can take screenshots with Android TV, and it’s just as simple as taking them on your phone. The method varies depending on the device, but in most cases, on the remote control, you only need to combine two buttons at once, such as the power button and the volume control.


You will see a capture animation, which will be saved to the directory /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots/.


Shut down applications by force


If an application is causing issues, Android TVs allow you to force close it without waiting for it to finish loading.


Go to Settings and then to the Device section, then to Applications. Now, select the app that isn’t working in the Installed Applications section.


When you click here on an application, it will not open immediately but will instead display a menu of options. To force it to stop, click Force Stop.


If the problem persists, you have the option to Uninstall applications to delete them directly from the device.




The Android TV is growing in popularity as the potential endless entertainment it offers is currently unrivaled.

The hacks in this article will surely help in making your Android TV deliver more efficiently. And if you’re looking to purchase one, you scan through the cross-section of the best Android TVs we have here.

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