How to Resolve Electric Kettle Not Turning On

How to Resolve Electric Kettle Not Turning On

Some of us require a cup of coffee to get our day starting on a flying note; however, an electric kettle that won’t turn on, slows our grind.

A kettle that fails to heat up or turn on isn’t serving its purpose. In this post, we will discuss a few ways you can resolve the problem.

If you turn on your electric kettle and it doesn’t start heating after a short period, you can try out the following below:

  • Have a look at the connection to the power supply
  • Examine the power cable
  • Check to ensure the kettle is not set to dry-boil
  • Clean the contacts
  • Have the kettle descaled


How to Fix Electric Kettle Not Turning On


Anything barring you from enjoying your pre-work cup of green tea or coffee should be treated as a problem that needs to be resolved asap. Here’s how to deal with an electric kettle that refuses to heat or turn on.


Have a look at the connection to the power supply


Checking the connection to the power supply is considered the simplest fix for your electric kettle. This is because it helps you figure out whether the problem is from the kettle itself or its power source.

To do this, start by:

Plugging another appliance, such as an electric blender or a hair clipper into the same plug socket or mains used for the kettle.

Next, switch on the hair clipper or blender. If it works, then the power source is not the issue.

To continue the fixing process, fill up the electric kettle with clean water.

Now, plug the kettle back into its socket and check to be sure the power cable is connected properly.

Switch on the kettle and observe if it starts heating the water. If it doesn’t, then the issue lies with the kettle. So, let’s move on to the next fix.


Examine the power cable


If your electric kettle won’t heat up, chances are that there’s something wrong with its power cable. So, have a look to be sure it isn’t faulty.

When examining the power cord, look out for signs of wear and tear, such as bends in the wire, live wire visible, or a broken plastic casing.

If you spot any of the above or other signs of damage, we recommend discontinuing its use immediately to avoid electric shocks and fire hazards.

Fortunately, power cords for electric kettles can easily be replaced at relatively no harm to your pocket.


Check to ensure the electric kettle is not set to dry-boil


Certain electric kettles come with a safety feature referred to as “dry-boil” protection. What it does is that it shuts off the kettle whenever there’s insufficient water in it or it is empty.

This is great as it helps your kettle last longer by preventing damage to the heating elements in the kettle whenever it is inadvertently turned on while empty.

So, check your owner’s manual to confirm if your electric kettle comes with this feature. If it does, you will have to reset it by following the steps below:

Raise the kettle from its base

Fill its chamber with cold water

Place the kettle back to its base, plug it into its socket, and switch it on


Clean the contact point at the base


Sometimes the contact point of your electric kettle becomes dirty and clogged over a prolonged period of usage with little to no maintenance.

When the kettle doesn’t make good contact with its base, it may not heat when turned on. So, start the fix by getting a piece of abrasive paper or sandpaper.

Next, disconnect the appliance from its power source.

Detach the kettle from its base and carefully examine its contacts

Gently rub around the contacts at the base of the kettle with the sandpaper to rid it of any grit or debris.

Lastly, connect the kettle back to its power source and switch it on.


Have the electric kettle descaled


Sometimes, an electric kettle that fails to turn on or heat up could be a result of limescale. That’s why it is important to descale the kettle from time to time especially if you live in a region where hard water is the main supply.

Descaling the electric kettle not only helps in resolving its heating issue but also helps prolong the appliance’s lifespan.

Here’s how to descale your electric kettle:

  • Fill its chambers with a mixture of water and vinegar then let it boil
  • After a few moments of boiling, pour out the water and rinse the kettle thoroughly

However, since your kettle can’t turn on or heat up, follow the steps below to descale it:

  • Pour a mixture of water and vinegar into the kettle
  • Leave the kettle with its mixture to soak overnight
  • The next day, empty the solution and rinse the kettle properly to remove the vinegar odor

If your kettle is highly scaled up, you may have to redo these steps until every trace of limescale is evicted.

Meanwhile, how often should you descale the kettle?

If you make use of your kettle not more than 5 times a day and you live in a location with soft water, then you should descale once every three months.

But if you reside in an area with hard water, then descaling should occur once every month.

Additionally, if you use your kettle more than five times daily, you should probably descale it more frequently (weekly or bi-weekly perhaps).


Final Words


For many people, their day gets started on a flying note with a simmering cup of tea or coffee. If a faulty electric kettle won’t let you enjoy your favorite beverage, follow the tips discussed in this post.

They will help you restore your electric kettle back to its default state of operation. However, if you currently own an old electric kettle model, then you should probably start thinking of getting a replacement to avoid frequent repairs.


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