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Samsung Launches SUHD Curved TVS in Nigeria

Samsung Launches SUHD Curved TVS in Nigeria

Samsung Electronics has launched its new line of ultra high definition (UHD) curved TVs in Nigeria.
The device is the world’s first curved UHD TV to be introduced into the Nigerian market.

The SUHD TVs  incorporates nano-crystal display technology , resulting in brighter images with a wider color gamut than the traditional LCDs  in the past.

Speaking at the unveiling of the product to its partners , Managing Director, Samsung Electronics, West Africa, Mr. Brovo Kim, described it as a part of another innovative cycle in the technology world.

“The SUHD TV celebrates a major milestone in the UHD era, delivering superior picture quality with stunning contrast and striking brightness.  Included in the product is the SUHD re-mastering engine which automatically analyses the brightness of images to minimise additional power consumption, while expressing excellent contrast levels. This new technology will create an unforgettable experience,” he said.

The Director, Consumer electronics, Samsung electronics West Africa, Mr. Sunil Kumar,  described the product as a striking device  which denotes  a seamless interaction, scintilling picture quality and a more  cinematic viewing experience.

“The SUHD TV comes with a Nano-crystal technology,  which  can transmit different colors of light depending on their size to produce the highest color purity and light efficiency available today.  It is 2.5 times more brighter than the LED TVs.  We can get 1.2 times wider color space  and 64 times the color expression of conventional TVs. It also uses 10 bit processor which enhances the color detail.

SUHD TV  runs on a platform developed by Samsung operating system called Tizen which sets a new standard in premium UHD content  and also,for easy convergence. Samsung is at the peak of moving the world to IOT (internet of things) as that is what the world is about,” he said.

The company also revealed that it invests about  $12 billion a year in Research and Development  and also, the product comes with a two year warranty.

According to the company, this new range of televisions have been designed in keeping the customer’s need for connected-entertainment in mind.
Samsung will offer two new series of SUHD TVs – the 9500 series and  the 9000 series– in 4 screen sizes from 55 inches, 65 inches, 78 inches and 88 inches, so consumers are able to purchase not only the best possible picture, but a TV that best fits their needs.


Courtesy - ThisDay Live