Microsoft’s Xbox “Game Pass” App Coming to Android TVs

Referred to as one of the major selling points of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S gaming consoles, the Xbox “Game Pass” is on its way to Android TVs.

Game Pass from Xbox is a video game subscription service from Microsoft that lets users play several games for a low-priced monthly subscription.

Microsoft also provides the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android mobile devices. Basically, it is a cloud gaming service that lets you play console games on mobile devices.

However, Microsoft recently announced that the iconic cloud gaming service would soon be coming to Android TVs.

In addition, the tech giant is also developing its own streaming device to offer cloud gaming on any television.

According to a press release Microsoft revealed that work is in progress with TV makers across the world to embed the “Xbox experience” into their Smart TVs.

Following this statement from the company, it appears that Microsoft will offer an Xbox Game Pass application for TVs.

All you’d have to do is open the app, choose your preferred game, and play the title. It could be just as simple as that.

You probably wouldn’t need to connect any gaming console to your TV before you can enjoy any of the console games.

Microsoft made it known that all you would need is an internet connection and a gamepad or controller to play the games.

Microsoft Also Developing Xbox Streaming Device

Reports indicate that Microsoft is also working on an Xbox streaming device that would also allow people to play console games on their non-smart TVs and monitors without needing to buy a pricey gaming console.

The Xbox streaming device could take a form similar to Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

In addition, it could also offer users the same user interface that you’d normally see in regular Xbox gaming consoles along with the Xbox Game Pass application. Basically, this means you could play any game of your preference using the cloud gaming service.

Microsoft aims to increase the number of Game Pass subscribers by delivering two services. According to the tech giant, the Game Pass currently boasts over 18 million subscribers.

The Best Android TVs to Buy

If you also want to enjoy the awesome Game Pass features, you’ll need to first have the right Android TV before setting up its internet connection.

Now, we know there are tons of TV brands out there and it can become quite a headache to select the best ones for you.

We understand this and that is why we have carefully picked out some of the best Android TV you can buy below.

These smart TVs have been produced by some of the best brands on the planet. You can get them at Samsung stores, Royal stores, or the best electronics stores near you.

Samsung 43″ FHD Smart TV (43N5000)

One of the best Android TVs you can buy is the Samsung 43″ FHD Smart TV (43N5000). It delivers a crisp clean view as its colors come alive thanks to its smooth wide color enhancer.

The Samsung Smart TV has a slim design that’ll fit into any living room and draw attention to its aesthetic look.

You can purchase this TV at all Samsung stores or take a trip to the best electronics stores within your vicinity.

Royal 49″ Curved FHD Android TV (RCTV49DU3)

If eye-catchy style is your thing, then the Royal 49″ Curved FHD Android TV (RCTV49DU3) is a television that should appeal to you.

Curved TVs don’t get much better than this as Royal’s 49″ Curved FHD Android TV features a classic design with a slim, curved bezel that leaves more screen space for you.

The TV from Royal Electronics comes with VGA, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and 2 AV ports. In addition, you can acquire this excellent TV from Royal stores or seek it out at the best electronics stores around you.

Samsung 75″ UHD 4K Smart LED TV (RU7100)

The Samsung 75″ UHD 4K Smart LED TV (RU7100) is a perfect addition to any luxurious apartment. This flat TV comes with a UDP processor.

It also features a high dynamic range (HDR) that ensures pictures come out clearer and better. Also, the TV has been infused with Samsung’s PurColor technology that makes the colors from the TV come out looking more realistic and attractive.

If you’re looking for the best Android tv to buy then Samsung 75” UHD 4K Smart LED TV should be top on your list.

You can buy this television from all Samsung stores or visit the best electronics stores closest to you.

Royal 50″ FHD Smart TV (RTV50DN5)

Not many TVs have the dynamic features you’ll need like the Royal 50″ FHD Smart TV (RTV50DN5). You can connect it to the internet and stream the best content online.

The 50” smart TV from Royal Electronics features HDMI, VGA, AV, Antenna, as well as USB ports. You can get this television by checking out Royal stores or walk into the best electronics stores near you.

Samsung 65″ QLED TV (QA65Q80R)

Immerse yourself in the future of television with the Samsung 65″ QLED TV (QA65Q80R). The TV features the unique state-of-the-arts quantum dot technology.

Feel the action come to life when you connect this TV to the internet via its WIFI and enjoy all the best entertainment online.

The 65” flat screen TV has a super-smart design with its sleek metallic slim bezel, unlike something you’ve ever seen before.

You can purchase it when you go to Samsung stores or browse through the aisles of the best electronics stores you can find.

Royal 65″ QLED TV (RTV65UQ5T)

Enjoy quality entertainment at its finest through the Royal 65″ QLED TV (RTV65UQ5T). Fitted with the iconic quantum dot display, the television spots a brilliant narrow bezel.

Along with the TV’s WIFI Android system is the built-in HDR10 feature which makes all the difference in enhancing the color and contrast of its pictures.

You can buy the Royal 65″ QLED TV (RTV65UQ5T) at any Royal stores or check the best electronics stores in your region.


In order to enjoy the best entertainment televisions can offer, you should try to get a smart TV today.

With one, you can gain access to exciting new features such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass coming soon to Android TVs.

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