Binatone Automatic Voltage Protectors Avp-3000

  • Normal Voltage 230V AC
  • Frequency 50/60HZ
  • Maximum Current 10Amps
  • Selectable Delay feature 3min / 5secs
  • Spike Protection 270J
  • Maximum Load 30amp (6900 Watts)

Binatone’s automatic voltage protector can help you protect your expensive equipment against the situation of high and low voltage fluctuations and can prolong their lifespan.

The 30 A Voltage Protector with Digital Display can handle a maximum load of 30amp (6900 W). This is best suited for air conditioners up to 5 HZ, large freezers, and fridges. They have a selectable delay feature that can be managed form 5 seconds to 3 minutes. A 270 J spike protection feature with a voltage range of 170 V- 260 V makes this a highly appropriate model for your household needs. This appliance also comes with a 2-year warranty when purchased.


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