Panasonic Immersion Blender (MX-GS1WTZ)

  • Four-blade cutting system
  • 210W motor with step-less control
  • Blending beaker, wall rack included
  • Dishwasher safe
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With the Panasonic Immersion Blender, you can quickly and efficiently blend delicate food items easily. This sleek, high-performance blender from Panasonic is a convenient hand-held kitchen device with 4 blades.

The blender helps you mix, chop, and crush specific food items with ease. This powerful stainless steel blender has a shaft that reaches deep into pots, bowls, pots, as well as pitchers.

One major advantage of this blender is that it can comfortably take both hot and cold foods and beverages. The appliance is powered by a 210-watt motor with step-less control that effortlessly delivers when it comes to sauces, soups, smoothies, nuts, baby foods, and more.

With a sure-grip handle, the Panasonic immersion blender provides optimum comfort, safety, and control.

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