Powermatic Plug-in (P6CE) for electronics


  • Powermatic adaptor Protection with UK & 2 pin sockets type
  • Direct Plug-in to a power socket
  • Start-up Delay Time 10 Sec
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The Powermatic Plug-in (P6CE) is a microprocessor-based adaptor produced to help manage the transfer of electricity from a socket to your home appliances. This device basically prevents sudden power surge from affecting your electronics and appliances.

Interestingly, the Powermatic Plug-in has been created with an in-built feature that helps detect “electrical sparks” from loose connections. These connections within the mains are capable of seriously damaging home appliances.

However, with this plug-in from Powermatic, you get to protect your electronics and appliances. Additionally, you also get to safeguard your home from potential fire outbreaks caused by electrical sparks.

For equipment Like Laptop, Printer, Plasma TV, Audio Equipment, Personal Computer, Copier, Medical Equipment, Measuring & Test Equipment, Cash Register, Lighting Equipment, Networking Equipment, Security Equipment, Photographic Processing Equipment, Communication Equipment.

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