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Royal 9KG Twin Tub Washing Machine (RWMTT90NW)

Wash & Spin
Magic Cleaning Filter
Transparent Lid


Laundry day just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the Royal 9KG Twin Tub Washing Machine (RWMTT90NW). It’s like having a cheerful buddie in your laundry room, always ready to tackle those pesky piles of clothes with ease.

Picture this: Your jeans getting a good scrub in one tub, while your delicates enjoy a gentle twirl in the other. That’s the beauty of twin tubs! No more waiting around for different cycles to finish. Plus, with a massive 12kg capacity, you can wash enough clothes to outfit a whole team of superheroes.

But that’s not all! the Magic Cleaning Filter makes maintenance a breeze. No more worries about clogged filters, just sit back and let the machine work its magic.

And for those of us who love a good show, the Transparent Lid lets you peek inside and watch the washing magic happen. It’s like having a front-row seat to the spin cycle!

So, ditch the laundry blues and say hello to the Royal 9KG Twin Tub Washing Machine. It’s time to make laundry day something to look forward to.



Load Capacity

12 kg

Loader Type

top loader

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