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Royal 36-Litre Microwave (RMW34AFK)

Digital Control
8 Auto Menus
Defrost Function
Cook Cycle Notification


Introducing the Royal 36-Litre Microwave (RMW34AFK), a kitchen marvel that injects both joy and efficiency into your culinary routine. Designed with meticulous craftsmanship to cater to the discerning palate and tech-savvy home, this microwave serves as your solution to seamless cooking.
With its user-friendly digital controls, you hold the reins to personalize your culinary adventure. Delve into 8 auto menus, simplifying meal preparation and ensuring every dish emerges as a masterpiece. The grill feature bestows that exquisite finishing touch to your cherished recipes, while the defrost function expedites your meal prep endeavors.
Now, here’s where the Royal Microwave truly dazzles ? enter the cook cycle notification. Picture the freedom to tend to other tasks, safe in the knowledge that your microwave will graciously alert you once your culinary creation reaches perfection. No more guesswork, no more charred dinners. Elevate your kitchen setup, embrace the allure of convenience, and relish delectable meals effortlessly, starting today.

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