Royal 500W Electric Blender (White) (RBL9002WB)

500W Blender
One Grinder
1.5L Jug with Lock
Full Copper Motor
2 Speed Control with Pulse
Measure cup

The Royal 500W Electric Blender (RBL9002WB) is the ultimate kitchen companion that will revolutionize your culinary adventures. This powerful blender is equipped with a range of exceptional features that guarantee seamless blending and grinding every time.

With its versatile grinder attachment, you can effortlessly grind spices, fruits, and grains to perfection. The 1.5L jug, complete with a secure lock, allows you to prepare large quantities of delicious smoothies, soups, and sauces with ease. The full copper motor ensures durability and consistent performance, delivering exceptional blending results every time.

Take control of your blending experience with the 2-speed control settings and pulse function, allowing you to achieve the perfect texture for your recipes. Additionally, the included measure cup ensures accurate measurements for precise cooking.

For an unparalleled blending experience, we highly recommend purchasing the Royal 500W Electric Blender at SIMS Stores or your nearest electronics store. Upgrade your kitchen today and unleash your culinary creativity like never before!


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