Samsung Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 220L (RT20HAR2DSA/UT)

Digital Inverter
10-year warranty on Compressor
Frost-Free Tech
Twist Ice Maker
Beautiful Design

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What you get with the Samsung Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 220L (RT20HAR2DSA/UT) is long-lasting performance and impressive energy efficiency of up to 50%.

This TMF refrigerator from Samsung delivers precise temperature and less noise compared to regular compressors. Its iconic Digital Inverter Compressor works by speeding up and slowing down in response to cooling requirements across 7 gears via the use of smart sensors.

Frequently adjusting speed means the air conditioner suffers less wear and tear, thus, making it durable while operating silently. This durability is backed up by a 10-year warranty.

Take advantage of Samsung’s MoistFresh Zone, a smartly designed drawer that offers an optimal environment for storing perishable food, ensuring it stays fresher longer.


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