Samsung Twin Tub Washing Machine 6kg (WT60H2500HP/NQ)

6 kg
Light Gray
Caster Wheel
768x885x448 mm
9.5 kg

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Wash fabrics more effectively with the Samsung Twin Tub Washing Machine 6kg (WT60H2500HP/NQ) that generates powerful water currents.

The washer features a fast spinning mechanism that creates a strong and dynamic movement of the water. This ensures that fabrics are penetrated more effectively and stains are removed more efficiently.

Additionally, it has a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body that is resistant to humidity. This makes it extremely durable and should maintain its clean appearance for years.

It also comes with hidden wheels to allow for easy movement around the home without having to lift it. The casters are  hidden and discreetly located behind the legs of the stand, making them look practically invisible.


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