Su-Kam 2500/24V Falcon LCD Display Mini Tower Inverter

LCD display
Electronic Auto-bypass
6-stage battery charging technology
Reverse polarity protection
Battery reserve


Power up with the Su-Kam 2500/24V Falcon LCD Display Mini Tower Inverter and elevate your power backup experience to new heights. This powerful and reliable inverter offers a range of benefits that will transform the way you stay connected to uninterrupted power supply.

Experience clean and stable power output with the pure sine wave technology, ensuring that your sensitive electronics and appliances operate flawlessly. Say goodbye to power fluctuations and enjoy optimal performance.

Stay informed and in control with the intuitive LCD display. Get real-time updates on battery status, charging status, and power consumption, enabling you to manage your power usage effectively.

The electronic auto-bypass feature guarantees uninterrupted power supply. In the event of a power outage, the inverter seamlessly switches to battery power, ensuring your devices and appliances continue running without interruption.

With a changeover time of ≤ 8 milliseconds, the inverter ensures swift and seamless power switching. You won’t even notice the transition, allowing you to stay productive and connected.

Enjoy the flexibility of variable charging currents. Choose between 15A and 12A charging options to optimize battery performance based on your specific requirements.

The built-in DC MCB provides reliable battery protection, safeguarding your battery from overloads and potential damage. Rest assured that your battery is well-protected and can deliver optimal performance.

The battery reserve feature ensures that you have a reserve of power during outages, providing extended backup to keep your essential devices powered up and running.

The inverter comes equipped with reverse polarity protection and a circuit breaker MCB for main protection. These features protect your appliances, the inverter, and your electrical system from any potential hazards.

Powered by the most advanced 32-bit microprocessor, the Inverter delivers superior performance and precise control over power distribution. Experience efficiency, reliability, and optimal power output for all your devices.

Benefit from the fuzzy logic control-based battery charger. This innovative technology extends battery life, reduces the need for water topping, and leads to significant savings on your electricity bills.

Take charge of your power needs today with the Su-Kam 2500/24V Falcon LCD Display Mini Tower Inverter. Experience uninterrupted power supply, optimal performance, and savings on your electricity bills. Visit our SIMS Stores today and discover the perfect power solution tailored to your needs. Don’t wait any longer—empower yourself with the Su-Kam Falcon+ Inverter and embrace unique uninterrupted power supply!



Pure Sine Wave using MOSFET
LCD display
Electronic Auto-bypass
≤ 8 msec change over time
Variable charging current (15A / 12A)
Rocker switch mode
Battery reserve
Reverse polarity protection
Circuit breaker MCB for main protection
Built-in isolation transformer
Most advanced 32-bit microprocessor
Fuzzy logic control-based battery charger technology for longer battery life, reduction in water topping and huge savings on electricity bills.
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