Su-Kam Falcon Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4KVA/48V (3000 Watts)

LCD display
Electronic Auto-bypass
Built-in DC MCB for battery protection
Battery reserve
6-stage battery charging technology

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Experience the pinnacle of reliable power backup with the Su-Kam Falcon Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4KVA/48V (3000 Watts). This exceptional inverter is designed to provide you with uninterrupted power supply and an array of benefits that enhance your overall power backup experience. Let’s delve into its remarkable features and advantages:

Pure Sine Wave Power: Enjoy clean and stable power output, thanks to the MOSFET-based pure sine wave technology. This ensures that your sensitive electronics and appliances receive high-quality power, eliminating the risk of damage or performance issues.

Intuitive LCD Display: Stay informed about the status of your power backup system with the user-friendly LCD display. Get real-time updates on battery level, charging status, and power consumption, allowing you to better manage your energy usage effectively.

Seamless Power Transition: The electronic auto-bypass feature ensures a seamless switch from mains power to battery power within an impressive ≤ 8 milliseconds. You can rely on uninterrupted power supply even during sudden outages.

Customized Charging Current: Optimize the performance and lifespan of your batteries with the option to choose between 15A and 12A charging currents. Tailor the charging process to suit your specific battery requirements and ensure maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Battery Protection: The built-in DC MCB offers reliable protection for your batteries, safeguarding them against overload and potential damage. Rest easy knowing that your batteries are well-protected and will operate optimally.

Reliable Backup Reserves: Benefit from the battery reserve feature, providing you with extra backup power during outages. This ensures that your critical devices and appliances stay operational for extended periods.

Comprehensive Protection: The inverter incorporates reverse polarity protection and a circuit breaker MCB for main protection. This comprehensive protection ensures the safety of your appliances, the inverter, and your electrical system.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Powered by the most advanced 32-bit microcontroller, the Su-Kam Falcon Inverter delivers superior performance and precise control over power distribution. Experience increased efficiency, reliability, and optimized power output for all your devices.

Efficient Battery Charging: The 6-stage battery charging technology, combined with fuzzy logic control-based battery charger, enhances battery life, reduces the need for water topping, and leads to significant savings on your electricity bills.

Upgrade your power backup solution today with the Su-Kam Falcon Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4KVA/48V (3000 Watts). Experience uninterrupted power supply, efficient energy management, and cost savings on your electricity bills. Visit our SIMS Stores now and explore our wide range of high-quality inverters and inverter batteries. Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect power solution that matches your needs. Take control of your power backup requirements and embrace uninterrupted power supply with the Su-Kam Falcon Inverter!



Pure Sine Wave using MOSFET
LCD display
Electronic Auto-bypass
≤ 8 msec change over time
Variable charging current (15A / 12A)
Built-in DC MCB for battery protection
Battery reserve
Reverse polarity protection
Circuit breaker MCB for main protection
Built-in isolation transformer
Most advanced 32-bit microcontroller
6-stage battery charging technology
Fuzzy logic control-based battery charger technology for longer battery life, reduction in water topping and huge savings on electricity bills.


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