Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries 220AH/12V (CHARGED)

Solar compatible battery
Higher life span (1500 cycle)
Special additives for better charge acceptance and retention
Excellent reserve capacity from long backup
No maintenance required

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Experience reliable power backup like never before with Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries 220AH/12V. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and longevity, these batteries provide a wide range of benefits that ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Support for Heavy Loads: The enhanced grid design of Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries enables them to handle heavy loads effortlessly. Power your appliances and equipment with confidence, knowing that these batteries are engineered to provide reliable support.

Maintenance-Free Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of regular battery maintenance. Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries are designed with a maintenance-free operation, freeing you from the need to constantly check water levels or perform maintenance tasks. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on what matters most.

Optimized Charge and Discharge: With zero sulphation and high charge and discharge design technology, these batteries offer exceptional performance and efficiency. They are built to withstand frequent and deep cycling, ensuring reliable power supply even under demanding conditions.

Extended Lifespan: Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries boast a longer lifespan with a cycle life of up to 1500 cycles. This means you can rely on these batteries for years to come, providing consistent power backup and saving you from frequent battery replacements.

Solar Compatibility: These batteries are specifically designed for solar applications, making them an ideal choice for your solar power systems. Harness the clean and renewable energy of the sun with confidence, knowing that Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries are optimized for solar compatibility.

Efficient Power Conversion: The extra thick plates in these batteries contribute to excellent Amp and Watt efficiency, maximizing the conversion of stored energy into usable power. Experience consistent backup and optimized performance for your devices and appliances.

Reliable Charge Acceptance: Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries feature PE separators and special additives that enhance charge acceptance and retention. This ensures consistent and efficient charging, enabling your batteries to recharge quickly and be ready for the next power outage.

Long Backup Duration: Benefit from excellent reserve capacity, allowing you to enjoy long backup durations during power outages. Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries provide the peace of mind that comes with extended backup times, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your essential devices.

Thermal Management: With 20% extra electrolyte for improved thermal management, these batteries offer enhanced heat dissipation and durability. Keep your batteries cool and operating optimally, further extending their lifespan.

Choose Su-Kam Tall Tubular Batteries 220AH/12V for reliable and efficient power backup. If you’re looking for where to buy inverter batteries, walk into the nearest SIMS Stores today to get these exceptional batteries and experience uninterrupted power supply like never before.



Enhanced grid design to support heavy loads
No maintenance required
Zero sulphation to high charge and discharge design technology
Higher life span (1500 cycle)
Solar compatible battery
Extra thick plate for excellent Amp and Watt efficiency
Consistent backup high charge acceptance due to usage of PE separator
Special additives for better charge acceptance and retention
Excellent reserve capacity from long backup
20% extra electrolyte for less topping and better thermal management
Container: IT 500
Weight Gross: 68kg


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