Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Emit: Air Conditioners (ACs) make noises, but not so much. According to an article on Chasroberts, ACs can make “a low, steady blowing noise.” This noise is emitted as the AC blows cool air through the ducts and vents.

However, you should get bothered if the noise gets beyond that. As much as the device can make some noises while in operation, it shouldn’t be so obvious.

AZ Big Media pointed out that the major cause of squealing sounds in an AC is “a misaligned or worn-down fan belt.” If you notice such, it could only mean one thing – your AC is having some issues.

This article aims to help you understand some of the sounds that your AC shouldn’t make. If those noises become prominent, it could be time to contact a repairer.

1. Clicking or Rattling

When the AC begins to click or rattle, it could be a sign that you need an electrician to fix it. Sometimes, this noise becomes prominent if the unit has had some electrical issues. But electrical issues are not the only causes of clicking or rattling sounds in ACs.

Some of the other reasons for the sound could be:

  • A failing motor
  • Loose hardware
  • It could be because the AC fan became loose.
  • A faulty thermostat.
  • Specific electrical issues, such as failing switches and bad capacitors.
  • Faulty electrical signals, causing the AC switches to turn on and off.

2. Cracking Sound

It is also possible to hear cracking sounds coming from your unit. This is not only possible when the fans touch each other.

The most common factor causing this is when the moisture in the AC doesn’t drain correctly. When that happens, the coils in the evaporator could be caused to freeze, thereby, causing frictions.

Fixing this can be as simple as disassembling the AC to clean the fins with soap and water. If this doesn’t work, consider contacting an electrician to detect the problem and find possible ways to fix the same.

3. The Sound of Dripping Water

This is one of the most overlooked sounds in an AC. Sometimes, you see water dripping from the AC. At first, you think it is because the temperature is high, but it keeps reoccurring.

If this is the case, you need to contact an electrician, because you might be risking electrical shock if you decide to go ahead with DIY.

The sound of dripping water from an AC is typically caused by:

  • The coming apart of the AC’s indoor handler.
  • The blockage of the drain line that connects the unit’s air handler to the outside of the house.
  • The cracking of the drain line.

4. Whistling or Hiss

Ever seen an AC whistle or “hiss?” This usually happens when you hear a high-pitched sound emanating from the unit.

High internal pressure in the AC or a leak in the refrigerant could be the cause of the sound. If this is not attended to on time, the unit might be forced to turn off on its own.

5. A Banging Sound

Have you ever been chilling in your living room and all of a sudden, you hear a banging sound coming from the direction of your AC?

No, it is not because a hard object dropped on to of the unit. The sound is coming from inside the unit and there are some reasons for that.

The major reason for a banging sound is when a part inside the unit comes loose. It could be a large component, such as a dislodged motor mount. It could also be a smaller part, such as a bolt.

Either way, you want it fixed on time because having a loose part in an AC could cause more problems in the unit.

6. Pulsating Sound

You may not need to worry so much if all your AC does is to make a pulsating sound – especially if the sound is slow. But you have to take it seriously if the sound is either rhythmic or loud.

These are some of the causes of pulsating sounds in an AC:

Plastic Base Pulsating

The plastic base in the AC could be the reason for the pulsating sound. This could happen when the compressor motion interacts with the plastic pad.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is to get a wooden plastic pad/base to replace the rubber variant.

This way, the interaction or touching of the compressor motion on the base wouldn’t make as much sound as the other could have.

Loosened Coil

If a coil or blade in the AC’s fan comes apart, it could be the reason for the pulsating sound. The solution to this is to tighten the screws of the fan coil or blade.

7. Squealing or Screeching Sounds

The AC can also make a screeching or squealing sound. There are many reasons why this could happen and that includes:

Pressured Compressing Unit

The AC could develop high pressure and, in that case, you want to turn off the unit and call an electrician to look into it.

Damaged, Worn-Out, or Broken Belt

The fan belt could be worn-out, broken, or damaged. The belt needs to be fixed if that is the case because if it is not, the blower wouldn’t turn.

Faulty Fan Motor Bearings

The fan motor bearings could also be the reason for the squealing or screeching sounds in the unit. In this case, the metals would be rubbing against one another, thereby, causing the screeching.

Consider contacting an electrician or an experienced HVAC technician to replace the fan motor.

8. Humming Sound

The AC can also make humming sounds. The two major causes of this are loose parts or bad motor. Some other causes are:

  • Refrigerant piping
  • A failing capacitor
  • Electrical problems inside the unit.

Final Thoughts

ACs develop one issue or the other, especially after an extended period of use. The most important thing is to find out or detect these issues on time and fix them so they don’t trigger more issues afterward.

Always contact an experienced professional to find out and fix any of those sounds you don’t like coming from your AC.

Thanks to the job of air conditioners, we can comfortably live life to the fullest during hot weather.

Indeed, it is a wonderful thing to be able to sit through lengthy business meetings in a suit without breaking a drop of sweat.

When we come back home tired from a long trip, it is the air conditioner’s refreshing blast of air that that jolts us back to life as we open the door.

And when it’s time to hit the sheets, we don’t have to twist and itch from the discomforting effects of heat. Rather, we sleep peacefully as babies.

There’s no doubt that the air conditioner has made life more convenient and meaningful. That’s why even people who find it expensive to purchase still go beyond their means to get one.

We can’t imagine how the world would have been without air conditioners especially during hot weather.

Here are some fun facts about air conditioners that will surprise you.

1. It was never intended for comfort

This will come as a surprise to many of us but it’s true. The motive behind the first air conditioner was not for comfort.

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented a modern air conditioner for a New York publishing company that was having issues with its ink control and paper expansion and contraction because of the varying humidity levels.

2. The term “summer blockbuster” has its roots connected to the air conditioner

One of the first public places to have air conditioners was movie theaters. In the ’30s people trooped to the cinemas not just to watch movies but also to enjoy the cool air during months of summer.

Noting this, movie marketers took advantage of the trend by setting their big-budget movies to be released during the summer. Thus, the term “summer blockbuster” came into existence.

3. Some medications require air conditioners to be potent

We would not have certain medications today without the aid of air conditioning. Some medications can only be researched and developed in a cool environment. Without ACs, this would be an impossible task for those drugs.

4. Air conditioners are more affordable today

This is actually true. Back in the ‘40s, an air conditioner cost a fortune. If you wanted a simple, basic AC unit, you would have to pay approximately $350.

If we convert that amount to the pricing we have today based on inflation, that would amount to nearly $3,500.

5. Electric fans came before air conditioners

The predecessor to modern air conditioning was the electric fan. Although fans don’t really do much when it comes to actually cooling the air, they still produce what is called a “wind chilled effect”.

It achieves this effect by evaporating sweat from the skin and reducing body temperature.

6. The first car with an AC wasn’t well-received

In 1939, an automobile manufacturer called Packard produced the very first car that came with an optional air conditioning unit.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very popular among people because of its high cost and the unit’s size. The AC’s evaporator and blower system basically took up half of the trunk space.

7. Air conditioning saves lives

According to some researchers in America, it was discovered that the chance of dying during extremely hot summer days has dropped by over 80 percent over the last 50 years. The research team linked this fact to the rise in air conditioning.

This is why we advise people living in regions that often experience hot climates to get an air conditioner. It not only makes living more conducive but can also save lives.

Recommended Air Conditioners Ideal for You

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The air conditioner from Panasonic also features turbo modes and sleep modes. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty on its compressor. You can get this Panasonic AC at the best electronic shop in your area or at Panasonic stores.

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The Royal Split Inverter AC (FV09RSA-INV) has been engineered to deliver perfect cooling. It comes with R410 gas and features a powerful inverter compressor. With this AC, you have less worry about rust as it also features an anti-rust cabinet.

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The 1-horsepower AC from Panasonic comes with an anti-bacterial filter and features a Bluefin condenser. It also comes with an attractive 5-year warranty on its compressor that underlines its quality.

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Royal Floor Standing AC (APA48FR410)

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Air conditioners are more than just cooling appliances. They basically help us to live more efficiently and improve productivity. There are several fun facts about air conditioners some of which we covered already in this article.

If you need to purchase an air conditioner or you’re looking for where to buy electronics in Nigeria, you can check out Panasonic stores, Royal stores, or the best electronic shop in your locality.