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One of the things you should do when you purchase an electronic device such as a home theater system, a TV, or a computer is to plug it with a surge protector. Failure to do this could put your electronic set at risk of getting damaged during power surges.

There are several types of surge protectors in the market today and thus, getting the best one for your electronics can be tasking. However, keep reading this article as we reveal the best surge protector for electronics.

But before then, what exactly is a surge protector and why do you need one?

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is a device that acts as a shield for other electronic devices. It protects them from surges in electrical power or transient voltage flowing from a power supply.

The standard American voltage for homes and buildings generally is 120 volts while in the UK and most of Europe, it is 230 volts. Anything over these amounts is adjudged transient and may destroy electronic appliances plugged into an outlet.

Even though power surges happen so quickly that they can only be measured in nanoseconds, they can cause considerable havoc to electronic equipment.

How a surge protector works

If you’re curious about knowing how a surge protector works, then read on. We’ll try to make this as simple as possible for you to understand. Now, we understand that a surge protector shields electronic appliances from sudden power surges.

Thus, for an appliance to get that protection, they need to be plugged directly into a surge protector. Then the surge protector is plugged into the power outlet.

Also referred to as surge suppressor or power strip, or transient suppressor, the surge protector works by diverting excess voltage into the outlet’s grounding wire.

This way, it prevents it from flowing through the electronic appliances while simultaneously allowing regular voltage to continue along its path.

Power surges can easily damage electronic equipment by burning its wires or slowly but consistently, wearing down the device’s internal components. A surge protector shields your devices from this grim fate.

How powerful are surge protectors?

People often misunderstand the power of surge protectors. Thus, they expect a surge protector to safeguard their electronic equipment from all forms of power surges, including lightning.

It is highly unlikely that the most powerful surge suppressor will defend your electronics from the sudden increase in electrical pressure of millions of volts a bolt of lightning supplies.

Consequently, the most effective way to avoid potential irreparable damages to your devices during a thunderstorm is to unplug them from the outlets.

Surge protectors are more commonly suited for shielding equipment from lesser voltage surges that occur more frequently in regular electrical wiring. Take, for instance, air conditioners and refrigerators.

These appliances require huge amounts of energy to switch compressors and motors on and off. Surges in power are created during these transitions and this often disrupts the steady flow of voltage.

Other factors that can cause power surges include faulty wiring, downed power lines, and broken equipment at the power distribution companies, etc.

The Best Surge Protector for Electronics – Top Picks

With the best surge protector, your devices stay safeguarded from random power spikes. You ought not to wait until disaster strikes before acquiring a surge suppressor.

If you already have electronic devices at home or office, a surge protector can help you save huge sums of money and stress.

The question of surge protectors being an integral part of your home or office appliances shouldn’t be up for discussion. In addition, when it comes to picking the best surge protector, be sure to check its power rating, cord length, and number of outlets.

In this section, we’ve selected some of the best surge protectors you can get for your electronics. This way, you won’t have to sweat on choosing from a selection of several other brands.

These surge protectors are also available at the best electronics store near you. So, just walk in and pick them out.

Powermatic Six-Outlet Ext. (PE6G) UK Type

If you’re looking for one of the most effective surge protectors, then check out Powermatic Six-Outlet Ext. (PE6G) UK Type. This power strip is all you need to safeguard the most average electronic devices.

The outlets distribute power evenly and it has the capacity to detect seven types of disturbances. Easy to install, you can use this transient suppressor to power equipment like laptops, printers, TVs, audio systems, and so much more.

The surge protector can be gotten from the best electronics store in your area or at any Powermatic stores near you.

Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4U) Universal Type

The Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4U) Universal Type is perfect if you have a small number of electronic devices. This easy to install transient suppressor has been built to withstand sudden spikes in electricity.

It can effectively protect devices like cash registers, lighting equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, etc. It can also help shield your appliances from power surges arising from power generating sets.

The Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4U) Universal Type can be bought by walking into the best electronics stores in your vicinity. You can also check out all Powermatic stores available near you.

Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4G) UK Type

The sleek Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4G) UK Type is an ideal component to make up your electronics setup. This microprocessor-based power strip is has a compact design and is capable of protecting any number of electronic devices.

Just connect your appliances to it and plug the surge protector into your power outlet. After a 10-second start-up delay, the transient suppressor instantly gets to work, nullifying the effects of electrical spikes even from notorious power sources such as standby generators.

You can go to any Powermatic stores near you or try checking the best electronics stores in your location to get the Powermatic Four-Outlet Ext. (PE4G) UK Type.


The best surge protector for electronics not only protects your electrical equipment but can also prevent fire outbreaks. Power surges are inevitable and it’s up to us to safeguard our appliances against them.

Thus, surge protectors are a must-have for any home or office. You can find them in some of the best electronics stores near you or any Powermatic stores.

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