Tips to Prevent White Clothes from Turning Yellow

Tips to Prevent White Clothes from Turning Yellow: When you dorn a pair of white denim or an attractive white dress, you’ll exude an air of smartness and neatness.

However, this can change pretty quickly if the white starts fading, yellowing, or changing to a color that is different from the way you purchased it.

No doubt, you’ll agree with us that the yellowing of white clothing is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen in your closet.

Tips to Prevent White Clothes from Turning Yellow

That’s why it is very important to keep your white apparel in a closed and cool place far from the extremities of the temperature such as the closets near an area of the room that receives sunlight, garages, or basements.

In the instance where you have to store your favorite white clothes for a particular time of the season, such as during cold climates or even winter, it is crucial to make use of an acid lignin-free archival tissue.

Place the tissue around the insides of the storage box to prevent your whites from reacting against any sort of plastics or metals.

During laundry, many of us tend to use chlorine-based bleaches to brighten the whiteness of clothing. While this can essentially make your whites whiter, overusing them can be detrimental to your garments.

Basically, if you’re intent on making your whites get yellow quicker, be sure to bleach them every wash cycle. Of course, we don’t want that to happen. So, tone down the frequency of clothes bleaching.

As a matter of fact, if your white consists of mainly synthetic fiber such as nylon, polyester, and microfibers, they are more prone to getting yellowed from bleaches.

The reason is that chlorine-based bleaches trigger these fibers into loosening. This process eventually changes the color of the garment from white to yellow.

Cotton-based white clothing are not spared too. Overusing bleaches on them can also make them turn yellow over time.

It is also worth noting that chemical-based detergents can also influence the yellowing of white clothing. These detergents often contain harsh ingredients that cause white clothes to lose their hue.

If you want your white apparel to last long, consider using organic detergents to wash them instead of the chemical-based ones. Below are some effective methods you can employ to brighten your attractive white clothing and keep them whiter for longer.


1. Sunlight


Not many know this but sunlight actually helps maintain the whiteness of your clothes. After your laundry, just hang them out under the burning heat of the sun.

If you have a dryer, we advise against using it for your whites unless it is absolutely necessary. Sunlight acts as a natural whitener for garments, especially when it is in full bloom and releasing scorching heat.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays allow it to break any sort of chemical bonds. This ensures that stains or other forms of discoloration and their chemical bonds on clothing are effectively eradicated.


2. Baking Soda


After doing the laundry with detergent, be sure to add a cup of baking soda to 4 liters of the water you’ll use for rinsing the clothes.

When you’re done rinsing the clothes, go ahead to hang and dry them in the sun. One extra thing to note is that baking soda helps your garments by giving them a fresh and soft finish after a wash.

In addition, it also ensures that your clothes are protected from developing any type of micro-bacterial growth since baking soda contains antiseptic properties.


3. Citrus


The thing with citrus is that it not only whitens your clothing but also gives them a shining glow. You can utilize citrus for your garments by adding half a cup of lemon juice to a gallon of heated water and have them mixed well.

Next, grab your yellowing white cloth and toss it into the solution then leave it there for one hour. For more obvious discoloration, you can leave the white cloth to soak in the citrus mixture overnight.

After soaking, take out the clothes and add the remaining solution to your washing machine. Put the cloth in the washer and run it normally before taking it out and hanging it to dry.

You should notice a new shine has been added to your white apparel after it dries completely.


4. White Vinegar


In the world of laundry, white vinegar has been touted to be a life-saver. The reason is that aside from the fact that it is a more effective and less harsh alternative to bleach, white vinegar also acts as a fabric softener for garments.

Basically, if you want your clothing to have that fleecy finish when you wear them after a wash cycle, then white vinegar is what you need.

Start by getting some warm water and add a quarter cup (1/4th cup) of lime along with half a cup of white vinegar to it. Have the mixture well-mixed before soaking your clothing in it for about 30 minutes.

Wash the clothes as normal after the soaking time has elapsed. In addition, you can also add an extra cup of white vinegar during the regular washing process. It greatly helps in expunging any odor from the clothes.

Aside from these, there are other chemical-based whiteners you can use for your clothes, some of which you probably already know, like Blue and Hydrogen Peroxide, for example.




Don’t hesitate to try out the tips above to prevent your white clothes from turning yellow. And if you want to bring back your white clothes’ former shine, take a look at the different methods discussed in this article to get started.

To make things even more interesting, get yourself a washing machine (if you don’t already own one). You can make the entire washing process fast, effective, and exciting when you utilize a top-quality washing machine.

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