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Top Features You’ll Find in Modern Electric Irons: Although ironing is often considered by many as a boring and tedious activity, it is particularly useful and with the right modern electric irons, can be an interesting chore you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Aside from ensuring our clothes come out looking neat and crisp, ironing helps in preventing several diseases. If there’s a reason why you should start taking ironing very seriously, then this is it.

Before we dive into the top features you’ll find in modern electric irons, let’s quickly explain how electric irons actually work.

How electric irons work

When it first appeared on the market, the electric iron was classed as a revolutionary item. Basically, the electrical appliance was meant to be for home use but quickly became popular among certain industries like laundry and dry cleaning firms.

The plate at the base of the appliance smooths out the clothes and removes wrinkles and marks. Electric irons work by smoothing the links between the lengthy chains of polymer molecules within the fibers of the material.

When cooled, the fibers stretch and maintain their new shape. This is a result of the impact caused by the generated heat.

However, certain fabrics like cotton, for instance, require water or steam to loosen their intermolecular bonds.

Top features in modern electric irons

1. Steam generation. Most modern electric irons today come with water tanks that when filled with water, generate steam to make the ironing of fabrics smoother and quicker.

2. An efficient thermostat with which keeps the appliance’s temperature consistently constant.

3. An anti-burn control. This is especially important as when boredom starts to creep in during the process of ironing, you might lose concentration and leave the iron on a garment for longer than required.

The anti-burn control ensures your garments don’t get damaged with burns as the function turns off the appliance automatically.

4. Modern irons often come with a water indicator. This lets you know the volume of water that is in the tank or container.

5. These new irons also come designed with a side platform that stops the appliance from getting in contact with the garments while keeping upright.

6. A dial or temperature control that displays the ideal temperature for various fabrics and allows anyone to regulate the temperature or heat from the appliance.

7. In addition, you may find some modern irons come with an energy-saving control that turns off the pressing iron automatically if the appliance is left operational and unused after some minutes.

8. Many top pressing irons today come fitted with a steam device that sends a steady stream of steam to the garments.

9. There’s also a control function that ensures the volume of steam to be emitted is cost-effective.

The best modern electric iron to buy

Since you now know how important it is to iron your garments (in case you didn’t know before), you might be looking at buying the best electric iron for your clothes.

Before heading off straight to an electronics store, have a look at some of these wonderful electric irons from Royal Electronics and Panasonic below.

Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F158WB)

If you’re out hunting for the best steam iron, then make sure the Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F158WB) is on your shortlist.

It features a non-stick soleplate and comes fitted with a spray and burst function to make the pressing session a smooth and fast one.

Panasonic Steam Iron (E410T)

Another top pressing iron worth taking a shot at is the Panasonic Steam Iron (E410T). This presser comes with a titanium-coated soleplate.

It promises to be an exciting moment when pressing clothes as the appliance features 25G steam with a vertical shot that never misses its target. You’ll also get a 200ml water capacity when you opt for this pressing iron from Panasonic.

Royal Steam Iron (RSI-F281WB)

One of the best pressing irons in the market today is the Royal Pressing Iron (RSI-F281WB). Aside from its interesting spray and burst function, the appliance makes maintenance easy as it is self-cleaning.

This unique presser also makes the entire ironing process neat and tidy with its anti-drip function.

Royal Pressing Iron (RDI-F176WB)

Make a remarkable difference in your ironing today with the Royal Pressing Iron (RDI-F176WB). Its non-stick soleplate means you don’t have to toil and sweat while cleaning the flat surface of the appliance before or after ironing.

It also features a relatively long 1.5-meter power cord with a BS plug to complement.


Manufacturers are aware that most people derive little joy in ironing their clothes. Thus, they keep striving hard in making these pressers and adding key features that will attract people to use them more frequently.

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